The romantic journey from flower to pot: why honey will always create a buzz

Posted on by Lizzie Watson

Honey has long been acclaimed for its medicinal magic. It's highly beneficial plant compounds offer many health benefits; cough easing, skin calming, cholesterol reducing and blood pressure lowering. Local honey can build up our immunity and resistance to pollens that can leave many of us with hayfever during the summer months, and I have to admit to finding huge satisfaction in buying a pot of honey from a wooden stall at the side of the road or at a local farm shop; especially if there are chickens involved, and a few quails eggs!

And yet, science aside, this thick, sweet liquid gold, is much, much more.

The low hum of the honeybee on a balmy summers afternoon is as desirable for the senses as it is to spread lashings of honey onto hot buttered toast in the morning. The romantic notion of the journey from flower to pot is why honey, and more importantly, the art of beekeeping, is an industry that's stronger than it's ever been. 

The London Honey Company are purveyors of the finest single origin, raw honey, honeycomb, handmade 100% beeswax candles and 100% British mead. Inspired daily by the beauty, purity and craftsmanship of the bees and their honey. Steve Benbow's story is about bringing rural life to London, and so, on a rooftop in Tower Bridge, the urban beekeeper was born. Steve's colony of honeybees work their magic to produce exceptional honey, and his skills and expertise are inspiring beekeeping across the UK, and creating a buzz all over the world. 

"Our zesty, complex honey from our rooftop beehives has inspired us to site honeybees across England to capture the variety of the isles landscapes in single origin, raw honey: ling heather, Kent woodsage, Salisbury plain wildflower and more. Unable to be everywhere at once we also source honey from like-minded beekeepers allowing us to offer a difficult to rival range of honey."

As well as keeping their own beehives, The London Honey Company look after honeybees on behalf of esteemed clients such as Fortnum & Mason. Filled with the aroma of wildflowers and particularly of clover, this Salisbury Plain honey is rather good with cheese, as it is not too sweet, but is also good on buttered bread and hot toast. And straight from the hive, their British Honeycomb is pure and unadulterated, and gathered in remote heather moorland across Britain. The one thing they do have in common is that they’re a summer floral explosion.


Fortnum & Mason
British Honeycomb Frame
£40 > 

Fortnum & Mason
Salisbury Plain Honey
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Every honey connoisseur needs a honey drizzler, and what could be more traditional than this elegant, beautifully made one from Fortnum's: 


Fortnum & Mason
Olive Wood and Sterling Silver Honey Drizzler
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The exquisite and hexagonal honeycomb design has inspired many an artist and Astley Clarke is no exception. Pairing this bold, geometric shape with the delicate sparkle of white diamonds gives this ancient shape on-trend appeal. 
We love that you can stack these stud earrings - move over long, hello stackable! - just like Astley Clarke's trend for stackable rings, we're doing the same for ears; and it looks as heavenly as the honey itself!