How to ease back into the new school term

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Hit the ground running when the new term starts with these tips from Sophie Stead of Enjoy EducationLondon’s leading schools advisory and private tuition company

Managing the Start of Term panic 
The summer holidays seem to be whizzing by and before we know it a new school year will be upon us. Realising your children have outgrown their school uniform, haven’t completed their summer projects or have lost their PE kit is all part and parcel of the back to school madness. However, things needn’t be so stressful, the last couple of weeks of the holidays can provide you and your family with an opportunity to continue relaxing and recouping. Why not plan ahead so you can hit the ground running when the new term starts.

Be inspired by the Olympics
This year, the GB team have soared into second place in the medals table, marking Great Britain as a super power in the world of sport. Just 20 years ago, we won just one gold medal in the Atlanta games so it’s incredible to see how far we’ve come in our sporting success. This year’s Games have been a source of inspiration in so many ways. Our sportsmen and women have given us the chance to learn more about the values of the Olympic games proving that it’s not just about inspiring students to take up new sports in the coming school year. When Mo Farah fell in the 10,000 metre race, he picked himself up and went on to win a gold medal. Mo taught us the importance of resilience, an essential skill to foster in young students who would benefit from understanding that failure doesn’t need to mark the end but can provide the opportunity to become even stronger – vital for a success in education and in life.

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Create context and creative learning 
Make the most of the rest of the holidays by getting your children thinking about their surroundings. Creating context in learning has been proven to help children hold on to information for longer. The great outdoors – whatever the weather – can provide you with an easy (and inexpensive) way of introducing new creative experiences to your children’s learning. Whether your heading to the beach, a park or perhaps a local attraction, encourage your children to be curious about their surroundings. All activities can be a learning opportunity.

Get your children feeling excited about the start of the new school year by talking about any activities and after-school clubs

Planning ahead
If your child is facing exams in the new school year, reduce any stress they may face by planning ahead with resources and further support. Drip-feeding knowledge and exam techniques helps to embed deeper learning and increase confidence, essential before any exam. Your child’s school and companies such as Enjoy Education will be able to recommend resources, courses and learning support.

It’s also important to make sure your children have something to look forward to. Get your children feeling excited about the start of the new school year by talking about any activities and after-school clubs on offer.

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Read, read, and read some more
Whether you are planning a stay-cation or travelling abroad, encouraging your children to take their favourite books with them will help ensure that their vocabulary and mental agility continues to develop. We find that the long holidays provide an excellent space for consolidation and often ensure that students start the new term feeling confident. Don’t worry if your children are not natural readers. We regularly support families whose children struggle or don’t enjoy reading. There are some great apps out there to help with this process and the Enjoy Education team can recommend the best ways to encourage your children to engage with literature! Don’t forget you can also try audio books on those long car journeys…

Keeping a clear bedtime and mealtime routine will ensure that the transition back to school is easier

Keep to a Routine
The back to school routine can be demanding on both parents and children and it’s tempting to let it slide entirely during the long holidays. However, keeping a clear bedtime and mealtime routine especially towards the end of the summer holidays will ensure that the transition back to school is (a little) easier for you as well as them!

If you have let it slide, not to worry… Try implementing the routine again now to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible for the new term.

Looking ahead
For those of you whose children are starting a new school, the Autumn term can be daunting, both for your children and you. Letting your child try on their uniform and do a couple of dummy school runs can help to reduce anxiety on both sides. Despite how frantic and full of stress a new term may seem, just remember  that the half term holiday is never too far around the corner!

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