How to find your natural beauty balance

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Improved sleep, inner calm and a glow on my wedding day – three months into my course of Lumity and I’m ticking off the benefits one by one 

Back in June I wrote about how, after years of rather haphazardly taking vitamin supplements – usually, and with all good intentions, starting a course, forgetting the odd one and then giving up altogether –  I had begun taking Lumity Life capsules.  The results had been so encouraging that I had vowed to stick to the regime, morning and evening, come what may.

Well, I have to say I am pretty pleased with myself. I never do as I’m told – my physiotherapist who is forever telling me to keep up exercises for my back will vouch for that – but I can confirm that I am taking my ‘six a day’ (three in the morning, three in the evening) as part of my daily routine. The softgels for morning contain Vitamin A, zinc, magnesium and Co-enzyme Q10 to give me a new level of vitality, while the evening softgels contain flaxseed oil, amino acids, Lysine and L-Arginine to stimulate the release of Human Growth Hormone, which is important for building muscle, healthy tissue and bone density.

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So what, you may be asking, has led me to break a habit of a lifetime? Well, month one saw the quality of my sleep improve. Gone were the active dreams, which left me waking up feeling shattered and lacking in what I can only describe as va-va-voom. Sleep went from being fitful and elusive to deep and rejuvenating – in fact, it was actually a strange feeling to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new day rather than wishing I could wriggle back under the duvet.

Sleep went from being fitful and elusive to deep and rejuvenating, and I can honestly say my energy levels were higher than before I had had my three children

Month two, I can honestly say my energy levels were higher than before I had had my three children, and month three – well, my objective was, as you might remember, to feel radiant for my big day – and I certainly achieved that.

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Not only did my skin look and feel better but I also felt calm and balanced in the run-up to the wedding and, most importantly, happy – and because I felt better I was so much more able to keep on top of things. Perhaps I did substitute my daily water intake with a little too much Champagne, but I think I’ll be forgiven on my wedding day!

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