How to make your wedding go with a bang

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Fireworks are the icing on the (wedding) cake, so make sure they achieve maximum impact by following these tips from award-winning pyromusic producer, Serena Foyle, from Foyle Fireworks 

Choosing the venue
Fireworks will always look spectacular whatever the venue, but some locations are even more spectacular than others: by the sea, on a barge, for example, or over a lake at a country house hotel. Fireworks over water is incredibly romantic – you see the display almost in double vision.

Think trees
While you don’t want trees everywhere obscuring the view, they do provide a sense of scale. A gap in the trees is ideal for creating a good viewing point and creates a frame around the display.


Cue the music
Creating a soundtrack to the fireworks really brings the show to life. All my soundtracks are bespoke, so I like to talk to my clients about what different music they really love, and taking inspiration from their choice of venue, put something together that is totally unique to them and their wedding day.

Gold brocade looks as though you’ve tipped a pot of glitter into the night’s sky


Cascades of colour
For weddings I always like to introduce some gold brocade, which looks as though you’ve tipped a pot of glitter into the night’s sky. Gold brocade waterfall shells are particularly romantic – they burst quietly and fall slowly with the music.

Lights, action…
It may seem like common sense but make sure you remember that you need to be able to turn the lights off at the venue – in all the organisation it often gets forgotten. You need total darkness to see the fireworks in their full glory.


Perfect timing 
Most couples leave the fireworks right to the end of the wedding, but after dinner is magical. The display will be elating, so your guests will be in the mood to go back in afterwards and dance the night away.

Hide from view
For the firework set-up, it is best as much as possible to hide the fireworks from view. Fireworks on the ground don’t look quite as beautiful as fireworks bursting up in the air, so it’s ideal if you can keep them hidden. It also leaves the opportunity to keep the display as a surprise for your guests.

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