How to wear a scarf - the accessory for every season

Posted on by Lizzie Watson

A scarf might just be the most perfect accessory for your outfit at any time of the year. It can add a pop of colour to your look on its own, or teamed up with a bright lippy or earrings. 

We might have gone mad for the skinny scarf, but a full scarf, like this one from Rampley & Co, can make a diverse and luxurious addition to your outfit. 

This 100% silk scarf features a sketch of a Collared Trogon by the 18th century naturalist William Swainson and is hand rolled, designed and printed in Britain.

These looks are so easy to achieve and great for so many occasions that we couldn't resist sharing our favourites with you!

Pirate Knot/Flower Headscarf 


Fold one end to another to form a triangle shape.

Wrap this around your head and tie at the side.

Tie the remaining silk ends until you've made a loose knot/flower shape.


Pirate Fluid Headscarf


With the silk as a square, wrap around your head.

Knot tightly at one side with two ends of the scarf and leaving the rest of the scarf flowing.  


Fluid Tie 

Take one end of the square and gather the silk. 

Wrap this around your neck, like a choker, and tie to the rest of the scarf.

Let the full length of the scarf fall in front of you like a long tie.


Cowboy Ring Scarf

Fold one end to another to form a triangle shape.

Tie a knot on one side of the scarf.

Tie the scarf around your neck making this pattern above.



    Knotted Necklace 

    Fold the scarf into a long strip.

    Tie 3 knots, one in the middle and one on each side.

    Wrap around your neck and tie at the back like a stylish necklace.


      Bandana Bow Headscarf

      Fold the scarf into a long strip.

      Throwing your head forward, wrap the scarf under your hair and bring the ends up to the top of your head.

      Tie the ends into a bow and pull out the silk so it looks full and shows off all the colours.



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