‘I want to empower and inspire women’

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Michaela Jedinak launched her fashion label in 2013 and has since gone on to create a brand that is loved by leading businesswomen and personalities around the world, from the likes of Tina Brown and Fiona Bruce, to European royalty and aristocracy. She tells us about her desire to empower women and how she challenges traditional fashion rules 

Who is the Michaela Jedinak woman?
My target audience is women who are strong and accomplished and who want to empower others on their way up to the top. They’re decision makers and leaders who want to look unique and feel comfortable while having a powerful wardrobe to suit their busy lifestyle. My dresses are worn by many leading businesswomen and TV personalities around the world, including Tina Brown, Arianna Huffington and Fiona Bruce. My designs have also been seen at Downing Street, House of Lords and have been worn by European royalty and aristocracy.

Was it always your ambition to be a dress designer?
I didn’t have a clear vision of becoming a fashion designer and entrepreneur, but dressing well and appropriately was always part of my upbringing. My mother is one of the most fashion conscious women I know, and from an early age she was asking for my fashion advice to help give her style ‘the icing on the cake’. It was key for her to have a look that suited her, was comfortable to  wear and was appropriate for every occasion. So I always had the knowledge and skill set, but it took a few turns before I followed my fashion vision and put my expertise into action.

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You launched your first dress collection in 2013 – what gave you the inspiration to set it up?
While working for a design agency in Milan, I developed a love for the style of Italian women. They have a natural ability to create an effortless look and their own signature style, which I admired. I also found it difficult to find dresses that suited my lifestyle as a business woman. When I moved to London, everything fell into place. I noticed there was a gap for women who needed dresses for the transition from the office to dinner and they also needed a retailer who appreciated the diversity of women’s body shapes. We need versatile dresses that provide us with different options that are made out of great quality fabrics for comfort, fit and durability. Women are all built differently – they have a unique style DNA and need a different dress code, even if we share the same dress size.

 Harper’s Bazaar named Michaela Jedinak as one of the best workwear fashion brands

You’ve garnered a lot of press coverage, from Harper’s Bazaar and Tatler to The Times and Forbes – tells us a little bit about this?
Harper’s Bazaar named Michaela Jedinak as one of the best workwear fashion brands and my dresses were featured in the Wall St Journal as an up and coming label in women’s businesswear. I was also recognised in Forbes as one of the leading designers for senior businesswomen.

Word of mouth is my strongest marketing channel and we recently introduced our first catalogue. I also approach business leaders and leading ladies directly and promote my fashion label Michaela Jedinak through social media. We just launched our new dedicated facebook page Michaela Jedinak London.

What is key to the brands identity – is there a signature style when it comes to your designs?
My mission is to empower and inspire women to feel and look confident and dress towards their body strengths. Dressing right takes strategy and is all about understanding how to create a visual balance and understanding the different garment characteristics. Coco Chanel said that “ fashion is like architecture – it is a matter of proportions”, and that’s my mantra. Liking something isn’t reason enough to wear it, you need to know yourself and the rules of your body shape before you can play and have fun with fashion.

michaela jedinak

My dresses infuse impeccable tailoring with elegant styling. They’re modern timeless classics that will stand the test of time. They’re clean-cut, figure-flattering and versatile to allow every woman the chance to create a signature look, whether they’re at their desk or out for dinner. I challenge traditional fashion rules and offer a choice of styles to fit and flatter every body shape, which not many designers do. They come in over 30 colours with options for customisation, including fabric, sleeve length and hemline. They’re made in the UK with luxurious Italian fabrics and the highest quality craftsmanship, which is essential to our fashion label. They’re made with an attention to detail with many hours spent tweaking and perfecting – a true labour of love.

I challenge traditional fashion rules and offer a choice of styles to fit and flatter every body shape

What’s your favourite piece from the collection?
That’s difficult to answer, it’s like picking a favourite child! I love all of my dresses, but not all of them suit my body shape. I like to wear dresses that have a higher waistline to flatter my pear body shape. I’m always excited about a new design joining my clothing line because it’s another step towards to finding fashion solutions for powerful women.

Do you have anything exciting coming up in 2016?
We have an updated website launching soon, another catalogue and many more designs.

What is your everyday luxury?
Time. I enjoy the quality time I get while walking my dogs every morning before work. I’m always wearing one of my designs to make me look and feel strong for the day ahead. There’s also my beloved zip bag by Anya Hindmarch and my ankle boots by Hogan.

For more information, visit Michaela Jedinak

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