Introducing Astley Clarke’s ‘Iconography’

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The unveiling of the new Iconography collection by Astley Clarke, a designer renowned for innovation and exceptional bespoke jewellery design, signifies a new movement towards personalisation in the world of Fine Jewellery.

Each piece in the Iconography collection consists of a bespoke, diamond-filled circular disc, that can be tailored to personal preferences using the newly introduced and innovative online tool. This allows customers to select their chosen jewellery type and size, colour of the gold and diamonds, and pick out a design that suits their personality best. Let your imagination run wild and choose from a countless number of conceivable designs, colours and patterns, that include an initial, the Evil Eye, a heart or exclamation mark to fashion your unique statement piece.

The launch of Iconography signals not only an incredible leap forward in jewellery personalisation but also in online innovation; I can’t wait to see some of the exciting designs that our customers create
Bec Astley Clarke MBE

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To celebrate the launch of Iconography, Astley Clarke are hosting a competition that gives you the chance to win the personalised piece of fine jewellery that you have thoughtfully designed. Use the personalisation tool on their website to cherry-pick the desired style, shape and size for either a ring, earrings, choker or chain necklace or bracelet from a selection of designs, or create your own combination of fantastically brightly-coloured diamonds for true originality. Express your own individuality, or gift a one-off design to another as a highly sentimental and memorable gesture.

If you are interested in the concept of this new design tool, and would love to own a bespoke piece of jewellery from the Iconography collection, enter Astley Clarke’s competition here. Full T&C’s on their website.

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