Is your skin summer-ready? Our top-tips for rejuvenating the skin, body and mind.

Posted on by Lizzie Watson

Our skin might not be feeling particularly radiant as it unfurls from the layers of winter where it's been hiding beneath for so long, but there's no need to worry - we have a few top-tips to getting your skin summer-ready.

Exfoliate for radiance.

Layers of old, dead skin leave us looking dull and lifeless. When we exfoliate we remove this dead skin encouraging new cell growth. 

Made for Life Organics luxurious body scrub combines two grades of sugar to exfoliate and remove dry skin, whilst calendula petals provide a gentle smoothing body polish. Five organic oils, including wheatgerm and uplifting lemongrass oil, work with cocoa butter to invigorate blood circulation and moisturise the skin leaving you feeling super soft and radiant, and best of all - ready to embrace the day!


Don't forget to gently exfoliate your face too - apply the scrub to clean, wet skin. Use two fingers or a clean washcloth wet with warm water. Gently, and slowly, rub in circular motions, before rinsing.
Purify the skin with Elemental Herbology's facial detox mask which eliminates surface toxins and balances sebum production. 


Soaking in a bath of Epson salts is a wonderful way to rejuvenate the skin, body, and mind. 

Magic moisturisers!

To maintain a radiant healthy glow, it's essential to moisturise - particularly after exfoliating well. Elemental Herbology's award winning Vital Glow cream is a rich overnight treatment to repair skin from environmental damage and the early signs of ageing.


Bring your skin back into balance with Made For Life Organics Age Well balm - ideal for dehydrated skins. This balm does it all: hydrates, boosts elasticity and strengthens your skin, and it's just bursting with powerful oils and botanicals to brighten and nourish at any time of day. 


Hydration is for heroes!

Hydration is the golden key to ensuring healthy youthful skin. Our warm, centrally heated homes can leave our skin dehydrated, and the very best was to combat this and keep skin looking plump, fresh, and youthful is to drink lots of water - at least eight glasses a day if you can, and more if you're hitting the gym, or getting ready to run the London Marathon. 

Adding a good handful of oatmeal and a few drops of an essential oil, like lavender, to a warm bath is a perfect skin-hydrating combination. Lie back with a Masters of Mayfair sleep mask, and your skin will love you forever - and quite probably, your whole body too!


Eat healthily, eat happily.

It's pretty easy to protect your skin from the outside, but eating certain foods can nourish your skin from the inside. Fatty fish, like salmon, herring and mackerel are brilliant for providing skin-loving essential oils. Avocados and walnuts are also great skin, and tummy, favourites.

We are big fans of the Lumity capsules, so if you're on the go and need a perfectly curated combination of every essential vitamin and mineral, then you need these in your life. If you enjoyed reading this, click here to read more about Lumity and their facial oil.