British Christmas gifts that keep on giving.

Posted on by Lizzie Watson

This year, our very British Christmasses have our future planet in mind. Our gift-giving is less nonsensical plastic, and more sustainable, eco-lux presents that last longer than just December. 

Gifts that keep on giving are the ones we really need to shout about so that when the merriment and magic subsides and January descends, we can be reminded of those happy days with something to treasure forever. 

Indoor plants are a wonderful feature in any home - and contrary to popular belief, they really don't have to be tricky to manage. MINNIKIN plants come delightfully and excellently wrapped and are established enough to make an immediate statement in your home. Keep a quirky watering can where you can see it daily - this will remind you to give them a drink, and with the digital joys of Siri, Alexa and Google, why not get them to remind you and they can take a little off the mental load?! 

Personalised gifts are so big right now - Instagram has gone mad for gifts that have more meaning than a pair of socks in your stocking, and we have plenty of these to choose from. Atlas & I and Engravers Guild of London provide unique gifts with a special touch and Little Star Jewellery has made it their mission to find the perfect gifts worthy of cherishing forever. 

Jewellery will always be worn time and time again, and as the year's pass, many key pieces will become heirlooms of their own and will see many future Christmasses. Keep perfect time with a watch that isn't just your average off-the-shelf timepiece, but a piece of heritage and exceptional British craftsmanship like the ones made at Fears and Elliot Brown.

Statement pieces are bold and brilliant at Christmas time, especially those that create a unique talking point! Merge history and art with Lockyer of England or blow the bank with a rare bottle of Château Mouton Rothschild 1945 from Vins Extraordinaires; excitingly discovered in the cellar of Faringdon House, formerly owned by Lord Berners and Robert Heber-Percy.

Whatever their wish, a gift that goes beyond Christmas is the greatest gift of all.  

The British Christmas gifts that keep on giving collection.

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