Discover Gems with Astley Clarke

Posted on by Abbie Coombes

Why not enter the new year wearing a piece of jewellery that really will enable you to stand out from the crowd? With an abundance of luxury pendants, earrings and rings to choose from, Astley Clarke is here to help. Made with the modern woman in mind, a sense of Britishness and quality underpins this fine jewellery brand. 

Jewellery has the capability to uplift any outfit and let's face it, anyone's mood. So, if you're looking to add an extra bit of glamour to that little black dress, or thinking of ways to resolve that very first marriage tiff, Astley Clarke has all the answers. Since 2007, this British brand has produced subtly elegant collections and it is clear that for this brand, those finer details really do matter. Take a look for instance, at the intricacy incorporated into their diamond Icon Ring...

Astley Clarke 
Icon Ring 

£950 >

The gleaming light grey diamonds that decorate this rose gold ring are sure to dazzle onlookers. 

Understandably, for many men, jewellery is the go to gift for the woman in their lives. With the option of engravable jewellery, Astley Clarke can help to add that much desired personal touch- giving your chosen gift that extra sparkle. This Engravable Disc Bracelet, also available in silver or rose gold, makes for a truly thoughtful gift...

Astley Clarke 
Gold Engravable Disc Bracelet 
£350 >

Whether you prefer the more simplistic design of the Large Astley Locket, or the vibrant, yet sophisticated Opal Mini Icon Aura Studs, you can be sure that Astley Clarke will cater for everyone's varying tastes. 


                                  Astley Clarke                                                      Astley Clarke 
                              Large Astley Locket                                        Opal Mini Icon Aura Studs
                                         £295 >                                                               £795>

If you're looking for something with that extra 'wow' factor, then Astley Clarke has produced a piece that really is out of this world! Perfect for any astronomy lovers out there, this ring's design is inspired by the terrain of Venus and can be purchased along with a matching necklace. 

Astley Clarke 
Moss Agate Venus Ring 
£595 >

If, like me, you always need that crucial second opinion, then it is also paramount to note that Astley Clarke has personal shoppers to hand at their store in London Paddington. This could make deciphering that perfect Valentine's day gift, just that little bit easier this year. 

So, whether you're looking to impress a love one, or perhaps just want to treat yourself, allow Astley Clarke to become your trusted jewellery guide. 

 Written by Abbie Coombes.