British Luxury

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Maviada, is a luxury British jewellery brand that mixes vibrant colours with bold design. Designer Eda Elbirlik, draws inspiration from her holidays to the Aegean coast in Turkey and she notes that: "the soothing colours of the sea, the silver green hues of the olive trees, the bright, multi-coloured glow of the ceramic tiles... all add to and influence my design concepts for each collection." All the gems and stones used in Eda's collections are ethically sourced and crafted by those who work in unique artisan communities. As a brand, Maviada supports small mining businesses and also ensures that its jewellery production is not detrimental to the environment. Each design in Eda's mind is brought to fruition in her sketches, and, once approved, the jewellery is then hand-crafted with dedication and skill. 

British Luxury

Picture the scene. You're by the pool relaxing on a sun lounger surrounded by plump cushions and in your hand there's a pina colada, decorated with a refreshing slice of pineapple and a mini red umbrella. Dark, oversized sunglasses shield your eyes from the afternoon sun. Something catches the light and sparkles across your skin- a jewel. You remember that you're wearing a pair of semi-precious earrings by Maviada, designed by Eda Elbirlik, their beauty inspired by the depths of the colourful Mediterranean waters. You take a sip from your Pina Colada, close your eyes and listen to the musical sound of tropical birds in the palm trees...

Why not make your dreams a reality? Dazzle and exude radiance on your next holiday in true a-list style. Choose from this assortment of glistening gems to wear by the poolside.

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