Lampooned Part II

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Following on from last month’s foray into the world of lamps, I have dug a little further and found some very special things indeed. Instead of table lamps we’ve got floor, ceiling and wall lights that are often forgotten, as they seem more difficult to place. The truth is, they aren’t.

The Floor
Floor lamps are, more often than not, really ugly. They’re usually designed (and bought) to throw some life into a dark corner or to bend and twist over an armchair as a suitable reading light. And they’re jolly tall, which means that they’re thin and decorated sparsely, if at all. The Hakim floor lamp dispels all of those typical traits; yes, it’s tall but it’s chunky so it doesn’t look spindly. Made from carved wood and finished in distressed gold, the curves are offset by the narrow brass neck and a wider drum shade like the one pictured creates an excellent statement. A pair of these in a Drawing Room would be wonderfully smart; keep shades simple so that the metallic base does all the talking and position beside something with a longer back so that the lamp doesn’t dwarf.

designer lighting

Graham and Green
Hakim Gold Floor Lamp
£235 >

The Outdoor
This is a little bit of a cheat but outdoor lights still technically come under the ‘lamp’ umbrella and actually, this St. Ives light can also be used indoors. Outside, this has an air of Ye Olde Inn about it; the galvanised steel frame has a weather-beaten look and the swan neck gives an attractive element to what would otherwise be a very robust and sturdy frame. The simplicity of the St. Ives lamp is best matched with a wooden surface and would work over both colourful and not so colourful doorframes. This would also be a good option for a summerhouse or shed; I can imagine it perfectly placed outside the door of a lighthouse in the driving rain; the elongated glass throws out more light than you’d expect and so there’s something very welcoming about this lamp. Inside, treated steel lends a very industrial feel. The shape of this light makes it entirely suitable for a Cloakroom or Bathroom; pair with either neutral colours or dark wood and stone.

designer lighting

Graham and Green
St. Ives Swan Neck Light
£48 >

The Wall
I absolutely adore this gold wall sconce. The shape is a simple one, but the feather design on this Cleopatra sconce makes for a statement piece, crossing the line between functional and aesthetic. The gold leaf design will make for the most stunning glow- gold is such a good option on lights- and the gaps in the feathers will make for a beautiful pattern on the wall. Although small at 27cm high, this wall sconce packs a pretty good punch. Keep surrounding colours neutral but the gold would work well with blues, greys and woods. Two or three of these in a row would look very elegant on a wall that needs a bit of dressing up and for maximum effect, consider placing them near other metallics. It would also be a good idea to keep these Cleopatra wall sconces further away from natural light as it will slightly distract from the glow given out by the gold leaf.

designer lighting

Graham and Green
Cleopatra Wall Sconce
£135 >

The Pendant
A hanging ceiling light can do wonders for a room. Ceiling spotlights (the recessed kind) are great for lighting the room but hanging pendant lights, such as this brass version, can tie up a number of schemes and look particularly impressive over larger items of furniture. This vintage brass pendant lamp is a great option in a Kitchen, ideally over a table or island. The industrial look of the hand crafted metal and simple pendant shape is just as good on its own as it is in a line of three or so. The brass finish is elegant without being flashy and the various vintage bulbs will cast the desired lighting effect over the space below. This is definitely not a light for a Bedroom or Drawing Room- keep them minimally placed so that they don’t get lost amongst other textures but, contrary to some of the above lights, this particular metal will work beautifully with rooms that have lots of colour. Whites and creams will emphasise the industrial feel of this pendant lamp whereas colour will do wonders for warming up a space.

designer lighting

Old Factory Vintage Pendant Light-Brass
£59 >

The Chandelier
‘Chandelier’ has a similar effect to the word ‘marmite’ but they really don’t have to be enormous glitzy monstrosities. A mixture of materials and textures gives a far more low key look and this beautiful design by Tyson is a perfect example. The mixture of iron arms, distressed gold leaf, crystal drops and linen shades is a feast for the eyes and the contrast between a horizontal and vertical focus, makes this chandelier a real statement piece. This is of course something to be placed front and centre; consider using one to dress up a Hallway with natural materials, a Bedroom with high ceilings or a spacious Landing.

designer lighting

Large 6 arm wrought iron leaf chandelier in grey, distressed gold leaf finish with natural linen shades
£4,375 >

There are of course many more styles of lights and lamps. Uplighters, Bathroom lights and picture lights are all to be considered and there’s everything from the simplest table lamp to the wackiest reading light…all to be discovered if you explore.

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