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A new luxury swimwear brand has come to town, combining the finest materials, precious stones, hand-crafted jewellery and exotic accessories from across the world. The inspiration, Lavishly Appointed founder Mary Radenkovic tells us, is glamorous women everywhere  

Firstly, can you tell us about your brand? How did it start and what has been the evolution of the brand since your launch?

Lavishly Appointed is an extravagant and luxury swimwear brand for the distinguished global traveller. I started designing bikinis in 2014. I then met successful British businesswoman Susie Ambrose (below right) in September 2015 and she liked the combination of jewellery and fabric in my designs. She was fascinated by my energy and creativity, so we set up Lavishly Appointed together here in London. We are a strong team; a designer on one side and a savvy businesswoman on the other! We decided that it needed a strong brand name — Lavishly Appointed reflects the lifestyle of our female audience.


What makes you unique?
Our designs combine the finest materials, precious stones, hand-crafted jewellery and exotic accessories from diverse places all over the world making them irresistible and sexy.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Glamorous women. We think a bikini should be a fashion piece that makes you feel more confident, self-aware, attractive and sensual, wherever you may be.

Do you have a typical client?

She is elegant and lavish and likes high-quality fabrics and unique jewellery. She likes being at the beach, lazing by the pool or spending time on a yacht, while enjoying summer parties and looking and feeling glamorous in her bikini.

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What is it about your brand that appeals?

Our ladies feel the magic of a personalised fashion piece.

Where is your favourite place to holiday?
It absolutely has to be Mykonos. I love the wild nature and it’s wonderful to see a mix of old and new — they play the perfect role together. Like my swimwear.

Bikini or a one-piece?
I’m more of a bikini lady because I feel more free and spiritual. You can use a sarong to cover up in a stylish way or add some jewellery to dress up the look.

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How do you choose the shapes and designs of your swimwear — are they based on trends?
Sometimes an idea can start with a trend, but it’s not the main inspiration behind my designs — I like to keep my collections away from straight trend influences and focus on a mix of glamour, mind, body and spirit and how women feel when they wear them. Be different, enjoy life, go on holiday…

What’s you favourite piece from you current 2016 collection?
Cocco and Elenor are bestsellers, but my favourite from the current collection is Jenny which is blue and gold — my perfect match.

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What next in 2016?
The aim is to place our unique swimwear in luxury stores like Harrods and Liberty, but also luxury resorts and hotels around the world. The next project will be expanding to beach bags, beach towels and other premium beach accessories.

What is your every day luxury?
Fashion and glamour are not only about style but a way of thinking — it allows me to escape from the real world. I’m addicted to glamour and that’s the way I choose to live, that’s my way of life.

For more information, visit Lavishly Appointed

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