British Luxury

Posted on by Hayley Peters

Some mornings it can be a real struggle to find inspiration for an outfit because we're simply just too tired, even if we've had our eight hours sleep. On days like these, all we really want to do is pull on our favourite bobbly knit, or cosy t-shirt and dash to the shops or to work in comfort, rather than feel restricted, sucked in, or confined by our clothes. So who's to say that we can't still look glamorous even on our 'off duty' style days?  

The answer lies in accessorising. Layer gold necklaces to inject instant glamour to any casual outfit. Begin with the finer, smaller necklaces at the top and gradually build on these by layering chunkier, golden metals below. Layer 'til your heart's content, or abide by the three a piece rule. Wear chains with a mixture of different weaves to add texture and include metals adorned with colourful, semi-precious stones for a unique aesthetic. Much like ring stacking, continue to layer until you achieve your desired look. Gold jewellery will instantly renovate a grey knit or uplift a black dress and transform your outfit from dull to chic. Tiered layers of free flowing chains and chunky metal chokers are the perfect ingredients, that when mixed together, will equal golden layers of success. To complete your look, pop on a pair of dark, tortoiseshell Victoria-Beckham-esque shades and strut to the shops or into the office in style. 


Model images sourced from Astley Clarke