Live your Best Life and Write a Novel

Posted on by Lizzie Watson

Perhaps all of us have thought about writing a novel? We've certainly all become engrossed in a novel we just can't put down, and we've marveled at the fame a best-selling novel can bring. From the 1st to the 30th November, thousands of wannabe writers will be challenging themselves to write 50,000 words within 30 days - that works out at 1,667 words a day. That's a total of over 2.8 billion words submitted! 

National Novel Writing Month 'NaNoWriMo' is a global sensation and this writing challenge can result in publication. What have you got to lose!

 Novel Writing Tips and Tricks

The best piece of advice I've ever heard is - 'write something you yourself would like to read.' If you're excited to write what happens next, then pages will be turned by others.

* Create a believable character. Knowing your character inside out, fatal flaws and all will allow you to write believable content.

* Challenge your character with something exciting, moving, traumatic,'ll show the best parts of your character through the twists and turns of their story.

* Don't give up. One of the best novelist stories about not giving up is JK Rowling's - Harry Potter Author Extraordinaire. Despite multiple setbacks, closed doors, adversity and non-believers, she never gave up on her passion to give the masses the magical world of Harry Potter. We are so very glad. Thank you, Joanne!  

* Today, the avenues for getting your thoughts down 'on paper' comes in a variety of digital forms. Get blogging, if you haven't already. Even if it's purely for yourself, or a very small following, if you're passionate about writing, then do it whenever you can. You'll be writing the thousands of words needed for a novel in no time!


Use Christmas to revive your love of letter writing. 

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I love to receive letters - proper handwritten ones, delivered by the postman. But so few of us actually write letters any more; some of us haven't written a long letter to someone else since childhood. Thankfully, many of us still write and send thank you cards, and, of course, birthday cards, but there's a bit of controversy over sending masses and masses of Christmas cards; greener-living implications and unnecessary paper waste. We think opting for a long letter to those you really care about is better than masses of half-hearted cards; there's a delight in sitting down to write with a beautiful pen. The recipient can feel delighted by both the letter itself and the knowledge that you've taken time to compose it.

Polar Post, THE most delightful British brand, dedicated to writing the most exquisite handwritten letters to your little ones from The Big Man himself at the North Pole, are keeping magical letter writing traditions alive. 

But if you want to write your own letter from Father Christmas, you'll need the perfect pen for the role. We suggest you perfect your handwriting technique with these Solid silver Clewley Pens personalised by Engravers Guild of London. Each pen in this exclusive collection is individually crafted with traditional British manufacturing techniques and finished by hand.