Luxury British fragrance houses that will fill your home with opulence

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Whether you reside in more of an urban area or rural, it’s easy for unpleasant, or just simply unwanted, scents from outside to take over your home on the inside. Whilst we may dream that the unique flowers in the garden will magically diffuse through the entire house, it’s more likely to be exhaust fumes or bonfire smoke. Fill your home with fragrances that you do want to smell all day with these visually and olfactorily beautiful British home fragrance brands.


Founder Debbie Knight has a passion for fragrance and it’s evident in her products, with her range of candles, perfume, home fragrance and body care smell good enough to practically drool over. In particular, the reed diffusers from the new Roman Collection make a luxurious investment. The voluptuous scents are sure to caress your senses and the bottles, hand-blown and signed by artisan glassmaker Adam Aaronson, are a beautiful bespoke addition. Our favourite scents are Jasmin and Geranium, a light, almost powdery fragrance reminiscent of pretty garden petals; and Bergamot and Ginger, a more vibrant, forest-fresh scent with notes of citrus peel.


The Roman Collection (available in store only)

Rachel Vosper

These days, it’s not uncommon to stumble across a range of scented candles which you’d expect to have a wonderfully delicate fragrance, but upon further inspection it’s so strong and overpowering that it practically burns. In contradiction, the sillage is usually poor when actually lit. Is there any saving grace in this world of scented candles? Yes! With over 20 years of candle-making experience, Rachel Vosper pays careful attention to the fragrances she uses – preferring simple combinations such as rose and magnolia whilst ensuring fragrance longevity. This is what makes the bespoke beeswax candles so popular; it’s all in the little details.

unique flowersRachel Vosper
The ALMA Leather collection – medium
£165 >

Neom Organics

Tired, stressed, or battling the throes of insomnia? With particular focus on wellbeing, Neom uses pure essential oils to create fragrances to produce a body-mind-and-soul benefit; whether it’s to lift your mood, calm you down, relive stress or help you sleep. The expertly blended therapeutic oils used in their Scent to Sleep range include English lavender, jasmine and sweet basil; making me feel sleepy just at the thought. By introducing Neom Organics products into your home, not only will each room smell wonderfully fragrant, it may just transform the way you feel.

unique flowersNeom Organics
Scent to Sleep Ultimate Sleep Collection
£105 >


Since the creation of their first fragrance in 1730, there possibly hasn’t been a more inherently British perfumery than Floris, using the finest quality fragrance oils. The highly bespoke perfumery is also home to a range of home fragrance products, created with all the expertise and research that goes into their perfumes. Their room fragrances offer a range of scents that subtly linger as if the house ‘just naturally smells like this’. Be the envy of all the fragranced households with the Grapefruit and Rosemary range, offering a complex aroma with zesty, floral, herbal and musky elements to really stimulate the senses.

unique flowersFloris
Grapefruit & Rosemary Room Fragrance
£25 >

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