Material Light: Artist, David Spriggs, Exhibits At Messums Wiltshire

Posted on by Lizzie Watson

In a pioneering multi-purpose gallery and arts centre in Tisbury, the unique works of art by Canadian artist David Spriggs, have been captured sensationally by the magnificent interior of Messums Wiltshire. 

David's distinct focus on the senses, using acrylic paint on multiple sheets of transparent film, leaves you with the phenomenal feeling that you are witnessing an event imploding, or exploding, creating a clever tension between form and emptiness.



Forcefully dynamic, these are excellent additions to any interior space, and his smaller pieces start at £4,500.
Material Light runs from the 9 December to the 4 Feb 2018.

Messums Wiltshire celebrates artistic endeavour, and their exhibitions are a must see as the space available for artists is so profoundly incredible. The 13th Century barn is one of the finest surviving group of monastic grange buildings in the country, and Tisbury is reputed to be the source location for some of the earliest ancestral art known today.