Mayfair Art Weekend presents – The secret world of the Burlington Arcade 

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In partnership with the Royal Academy of Arts, Mayfair Art Weekend showcases itself this weekend with a program fit to entertain and educate, seeing museums and galleries host talks and tours across a culturally investigative week. Celebrating the diverse contribution Mayfair has to offer as a vibrant hub of creativity and craftsmanship, Beadle-led tours of the world’s oldest shopping destination are also staged, unearthing the truly secret worlds of Mayfairs Burling Arcade and all the luxury that is found beyond it.

England’s oldest and longest shopping arcade, Burlington first opened in 1819 and has continued its legacy, being a true luxury landmark of London. Housing over 40 specialist shops and designer brands ranging from collectors watch brands like Vintage Rolex to contemporary jewellers such as Susannah Lovis, the Arcade has long been favoured by the cream of British Society. Its digression as attractive as its legacy, Burlington is located quietly between Bond Street and Piccadilly. The secrecy and wonder does not however stop here. The Burlington Beadle Guard, a liveried member of the smallest private police force in the world care and cater for Burlington and its code of behaviour. Originally recruited by Lord Cavendish from his family regiment the 10th Hussars, current Head Beadle Mark Lord and his team are expected to uphold the tradition of past Beadles and the codes of 18th Century livery. From Regency times to records of today, the Beadles are presented as they were then; dressed in navy Victorian frock coats with gold furnishings, patrolling Burlington ‘for the gratification of the public and for the sale of jewellery and fancy articles of fashionable demand.’

Not only is Mayfair the heart of creativity in central London but it is one of the most dynamic art districts in the world.
Charles Saumarez Smith, Chief Executive of the Royal Academy

museums and galleries

museums and galleries

With implied rules still adorning to no humming or hurrying within this prestigious promenade, its design still delights with a single straight top-lit walkway. With antique dealers of fine jewellery and silver still adorning the many shops, what the Arcade was formerly most known for has withstood the test of time. As a luxury service still awaits those who pass through, bespoke experiences are a flutter with tradition here. Nourbel & Le Cavelier specialise in entirely handmade and original jewels, incorporating the rarest and precious items possible into works of unfathomable art. From those found within Paraiba tourmalines to Micromosaic remnants, through booking the VIP room Nourbel & Le Cavelier can arrange a private meeting with a gemologist to design a ring of true personal precision. This service is something impressed upon the whole style of the Arcade. The Chanel store for example is dedicated to the discovery of the world of ‘Chanel’ featuring a whole new design concept. With bespoke service of a complimentary flash makeover, within fifteen minutes revitalise a flawless face with signature lips to match. With the shop of suits and boots to follow, you can even find a shoe shine service upon Burlington Arcade. With over fourteen years experience, 100% horse hair brushes are used with the finest creams and polishes.

With this increased disclosure of Burlington, the roster of special features includes the Mathilde Nivet installation of paper birds. The promising French set designer is an inspired paper artist having just worked with Chanel and Cartier. Her strong and modern style additionally allows her to align with the current image of Burlington perfectly. Nivet will be installing her work across two days, the finished result being displayed from the 30th of June until the 1st of November. An additional sixty businesses in Mayfair will host a series of special events to illuminate Mayfair, with discussions and displays seen in hotels, auction houses and restaurants. St. James’s will also open their door to the public, inviting culture seekers to explore the capital’s commercial galleries out of hours in this bespoke involvement.

Mayfair Art Weekend runs from 30th June – 2nd July 2017. You can find out more about Mayfair Art Weekend here. 

To celebrate Mayfair Art Weekend the Burlington Arcade museums and galleries will offer a complimentary thirty minute historical Beadle tour with Head Beadle Mark Lord from the 30th June – 2nd July. Discover more here. 

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