Meghan Markle's Wedding Prep: The Down to Earth Duchess

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From invitations, dress fittings and flower arrangements, many of us know the stress of wedding preparation. However, for Meghan Markle, the soon-to-be Duchess of Sussex, we can only imagine the enormity of the pressure placed on ensuring that everything is perfect on her big day, right down to those finer details. Perhaps, most important of all however, is the preparation that goes into making sure the bride is blushing as she walks down the aisle- yoga, walking and dry brushing as wellness expert, Julie Montagu speculates, will be playing a significant part of Miss Markle's wedding prep. 

With the Royal Wedding just under two months away, Lumity have asked Julie Montagu, the founder of Flexi Food Academy, to share her thoughts on the tips she would give the former Suits star in preparation for the 19th May. In general, Montagu comments, 'I’m not about crazy diets or crazy exercise routines. But there are some simple pieces of advice I’d dish out...'

Which workouts would you suggest for Meghan?

“It doesn’t matter if someone tells me they have six days or six weeks before a big event. I always tell them the same thing; walk for 20 minutes a day,” says the Future Countess of Sandwich. “It’s the first 20 minutes of the majority of exercise that has the most impact.

“So Meghan, I’d say get out and walk for 20 minutes, or cycle or do a small jog, but do not go crazy!”

Meghan, 36, has previously declared “yoga is my thing” and since her mother, Doria Ragland is an instructor in LA it’s not surprising she’s been doing it since she was a kid.

But don’t expect her to be posing up a storm for the purpose of relaxation.

“She loves sweaty yoga and hip hop yoga,” says Julie who clarifies that these faster versions are called Vinyasa yoga. “So she could do one of these classes that would help shake out the anxiety or nerves that she has.

“The benefit of moving so quickly from one pose to the next is it’ll stop her having the time to sit and think about the big day. So while she’s exercising she’ll be focused on what the next pose will be.”

What diet advice would you give Meghan in the run up to her wedding?

It’s a good thing Meghan admits she “loves to cook” because then she has complete control over the ingredients she’s putting into her body.

During the week Prince Harry’s fiancée tries to eat vegan, but allows herself to relax a little more at weekends, revealing she’s a firm believer in “lifestyle eating” rather than dieting.

Julie says if there’s one thing she’d advise Meghan to do it’s “eat gluten and wheat free sandwiches! Because she doesn’t want to be a bloated bride.”

Is there anything you would advise Meghan to drink in addition to her healthy diet?

“Keeping hydrated is very important for her skin and body. but if she doesn’t want to be guzzling all that water I suggest drinking it by sipping herbal tea throughout the day,” explains Julie. “I’m a big fan of getting your water intake through a drink you can actually sit and enjoy. If she’s feeling stressed out too then a nice cup of herbal tea will help.”

As for what sort? “Personally I love green tea, I can’t get enough of it,” adds Julie, which is lucky because that’s exactly the choice of brew Meghan already reaches for!

Should Meghan make any changes to her beauty routine?

Meghan will have top rated stylists and makeup artists on hand to make her look her very best, but there’s something Julie insists she should start doing now, if she isn’t already.

Dry brushing,” says the mum-of-four. “I’ve been doing it once a day for years and I don’t have any cellulite. Even if she only starts now it’ll make a big difference to her skin.”

And talking of her skin, there’s something Meghan is adamant about too: “I never want to cover my freckles,” she says.

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