Michaela Jedinak and her dress designs that empower women

Posted on by Abbie Coombes

'A woman is like a tea bag, you never know how strong it is until it's in hot water.'  Dresses for Michaela Jedinak, are a means through which women can express this notion of strength and the empowered self. 

Dress has always had an indisputable relationship to gender. During the 19th Century for instance, women's social restraints were reflected by the clothing they wore. The tight corsets and the cage of their hoop skirts restricted their movement and thus naturally, inhibited one's sense of freedom. Thankfully, however, women's fashion has moved on leaps and bounds from Regency dresses and floor length gowns. With International Women's Day having just past, this proves a particularly relevant topic for discussion.

We've been speaking to the woman behind the Michaela Jedinak brand; a brand whose dress designs 'allow women to move with effortless ease, so that they can focus on what matters in the day.'

Did you always want to work with dresses?

I didn't have a clear vision of becoming a fashion designer and an entrepreneur when I was young, but dressing right and appropriately was always part of my upbringing. So, I guess the skill set and knowledge was always there, but it took a few turns before I followed my fashion vision and put into action.

Where did you start your career?

My first job in the fashion world was in Prague, while I started my fashion label in London.

Tell us about the idea behind the Michaela Jedinak brand?

I am passionate about finding the most flattering fit and style for a women's body shape. Women want to be comfortable while being the best version of themselves, looking strong, dynamic, current and sassy. I am empowering women with concrete fashion choices, practising responsible & smart fashion, reducing carbon footprint and waste with my fashion concept. 

What inspires your dress designs? Do you focus on trends?

Not every single trend has been designed for the different body shapes of women. Also, not every trend is on point. Therefore, I provide style dress solutions and make trends relevant to them. 

 Do you have a favourite, go-to dress?

I have different go-to dresses for different occasions, weather and season.  In general for smart occasions I love to wear the Eleanor, Constance, Reina, Clara, Jacqueline, Renata  and Ilona; for work Garbo, Cylie, Caitlin, Amelia, Christelle and Casey dress; for versatile dressing options Edith, Cora, Dione and Hannah dress; evening occasions- Duchess, Diana and Desiree.

What's been your biggest career highlight so far? 

Launching my own label and more recently, I am thrilled to offer fabric customisation options on our website.

What's your advice for young, female British entrepreneurs of the future?

Follow your heart but take your brain with you.

What does British craftsmanship mean to you? 

Figure flattering dresses with immaculate tailoring for fit; quality in the finish with the attention to detail.

Who is your female role model, and what has been the importance of her impact on your life?

I have plenty. One is Coco Chanel who is one of my inspiration for my dress designs, Eleanor Roosevelt strength to bring change; Angela Ahrendts for her vision to turn Burberry into a SUPERBRAND; Oprah’s passion for her work; Michelle Obama’s grit and charm dealing with challenges; Meryl Streep’s versatility to stay relevant, HRH Queen Elizabeth's work ethic.

How is feminism motivating change across the world?

I think to me it is about to have a voice and to matter, so we can stand strong on equal footing and chase our dreams and lead the lives as we see fit.

What changes towards equality are you most looking forward to seeing as women continue to join forces to advocate diversity?

Women for Presidents. 

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Written by Abbie Coombes.