Monogrammed Linen Shop: Behind the Brand

Posted on by Lizzie Watson

Monogrammed Linen Shop began over 30 years ago when Anna Singer moved to London from Paris, where she studied at the "Institut National des Arts Decoratifs". Her training was primarily that of a draughtsman and colourist, yet she was continuously drawn to the beauty and technical proficiency required to produce fine embroidery. MLS allowed her to combine her passions with her skills.

In France, there has always been a tradition for accumulating beautiful linens. At MLS, they are fascinated by embroidery and fine linens and have joined forces with the famous French brand Yves Delorme, to offer an expertise in bed linens and other household linens stem from the middle of the 19th century.



Prune Allain des Beauvais, Head of Marketing, tells me what inspires them, what the future holds, and gives some wonderful advice for any budding creative.

What inspires your products, and do you focus on trends?
Household Linen was traditionally embroidered with initials, flowers, and coats of arms by young girls for their wedding. Families called upon linen makers’ expertise to design the most incredible sets. Our journey is imbued with this tradition. Today, the desire for beautiful, embroidered and bespoke linen has never been so strong, which is why we launched Yves Delorme Couture at 158 Walton street. A timeless collection in endless white tones, fresh and delicate percales, silky soft white satins, featherweight cloths and classic linens… A collection designed to be transformed, played out by your imagination to take you beyond wonderland… 

What is your product philosophy?
Our beautiful collections of bed-linen, towels, table-linen and other household accessories provide the luxurious final polish needed for bedrooms, bathrooms and dining rooms. We can create any design - whether contemporary or traditional - in the style, quality, size, and colour of your choice. We will embroider tablecloths to match the pattern on your china; design bed linen with borders to complement curtain or headboard fabrics; reproduce coats of arms, or create embroideries for any chosen theme.

Do you have a favorite piece of embroidery or linen; and is there a piece you just couldn't live without?!
The timeless collection Athena, a bedlinen collection with a single bourdon stitch embroidered, long fibre combed cotton percale, 500 thread count has the best feeling.  

What does high-quality craftsmanship mean to you?
High-quality craftsmanship is when a brand like ours builds upon centuries of savoir-faire in the design and production of luxury home linens, uniquely tailored with the finest cotton, threads, and embroideries.  

What’s been your biggest career highlight so far?
The press launch of our Yves Delorme Couture collection in Paris at Royal Monceau. Everything was so elegantly and very subtly organised to welcome the international press. 

Who inspires you in the world of product innovation? 
Yves Delorme is beginning a new chapter in its history… going back to its roots and delving into Ernestine’s legacy to launch in the ultra-exclusive Couture Household Linen market. With Yves Delorme Couture, Ernestine’s dream come true! 

What’s your advice for young entrepreneurs of the future?
Follow the thread to their dreams!   

Who is your female role model, and what has been the importance of her impact on your life?
The story of the Group Fremaux Delorme begins in 1845 and is a true tale of a family endeavor. It was Ernestine Fremaux who founded the first linen weaving company in the heart of the textile industry, near Lille. Over generations, the group developed by diversifying its activities to include the production of threads and canvases for linens and jacquards. This story and history have always inspired me to help continue that success.  

What’s next for Monogrammed Linen Shop?
We have developed a programme for Interior Designers and Architects and we will soon be launching our new website.