Monty Halls leads Land Rover Shoals Of Agulhas expedition

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Marine biologist, Monty Halls, will lead the expedition of a lifetime to experience first-hand the Shoals of Agulhas, one of the world’s most spectacular marine events on the planet. The so called “Sardine Run” is a natural phenomenon that showcases a vast migration of millions of sardines spawning the cool waters of the Agulhas Bank causing a feeding frenzy, attracting thousands of marine predators and wildlife every year.

Monty will lead the team on a 1,000-kilometre trip along the Eastern Cape of South Africa from Port Elizabeth to Durban. The expedition has been awarded as the prize for the Land Rover Spirit of Adventure competition, which invited entrants to produce a film showcasing their own Spirit of Adventure. Winner Brett Anderson, 28, a restaurant manager from Victoria, Canada, won for his stunning short film documenting what adventure means to him.

A fleet of Land Rover Discovery Sports and Defenders including Halls’ own Marine Defender will enable the team to negotiate some of the Eastern Cape’s most inaccessible terrain.

Kinglsey Holgate – the most travelled man in Africa

Monty Halls’ Land Rover Defender has been specially modified to provide transport for his diving and film crew as well as serving as a mobile base camp and dive centre in remote, off-road locations. The team will conduct a sampling and shark-tagging programme, working towards further understanding the lives of marine predators and contributing to the conservation of the species. The expedition will also provide the opportunity to experience the work of Land Rover partners, Born Free Foundation and Kingsley Holgate Foundation, and the role they play in conservation.

Monty Halls added: “It’s always a slightly glib statement to say that something is the trip of a lifetime, but for as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by the Sardine Run. We’re following the run while conducting sampling and shark-tagging programmes that will add to the knowledge of the big animals that follow the sardines, and indeed the ecology of this remarkable coastline. The expedition is a combination of adventure, science, teamwork, and raw exhilaration.”

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