Naomi Buff, her superfood blends, and the women who have inspired her brand

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International Women's Day is approaching and we've been talking to the women behind our luxurious British brands. Today, we're talking to Naomi Buff, whose entrepreneurial spirit and passion to succeed emanates both from her words, and achievements. 

Did you always want to work with superfood blends?

No, not at all. I didn’t discover superfoods until I was 30 and started to explore them more when my one year old son stopped eating. This sparked a passion for me in nutrition and my journey began.

Where did you start your career?

I started my career in Monaco accidentally, as I didn’t set out to create a brand, or business initially.  I began studying nutrition in my early 30’s and started creating healthy recipes for my son, so he would get all his nutritional needs in any way he could. I did so with smoothies, which I boosted with superfoods.  

I was so inspired about what I was learning and creating that I wanted to share it. This prompted me to start running workshops in my living room with local expat mums. It is important to note that at the time, superfoods were not available in Monaco so I decided to stock them. The workshops grew very quickly and saw me working alongside The Monaco Restaurant Group, The Farimont Hotel and The Monte Carlo Muchkins club where I designed and rolled out healthy menus.  I also became a Nutritional coach and Eating Psychology coach seeing private clients.

Tell us about the idea behind the Naomi’s Kitchen brand?

My main source of inspiration was the women who passed through my workshops over the years. They would ask my advice about what superfoods they should take for weight loss, energy, skin or to detox, but they would however, become overwhelmed with the choice available and the fact they would have to incorporate a smoothie into their diet. I noticed a common pattern and thought it was a good idea to simply add all the best powdered ingredients into one bag, which could be drank quickly and easily.  I worked with a well known scientist who formulated the blends using the best superfoods and adaptogens for the specific function. I was amazed at how good the blends were, they completely exceed my expectations.  

Do you have a favourite, go to blend?

That’s a tough one as I love them all and use them depending on what I need at the time.  If I have got a lot going on then I AM Energised is my go to, as I know the physical and mental stress will take its toll on my body. This blend provides so much nourishing support for the adrenals, as well as providing much needed focus, concentration and energy. I AM Lean is my go to when I go away or I am out more than usual. It helps increase my satiety, curb sugar cravings and suppress my appetite in situations where I am tempted to over indulge.  I love I AM Beautiful when I go away as it is really hydrating for my skin when I travel.  The blend helps the skin adapt to environmental changes, and is great when I have PMT. This is because it reduces hormonal skin flare ups and serves to balance my hormones. 

What’s been your biggest career highlight so far? 

I created a healthy Light and Lean breakfast menu for The Fairmont Monte Carlo and worked with a team of the top chefs teaching them my recipes, which we then rolled out in their Horizon Restaurant.  I worked closely with their executive Chef, Phillippe Johannes who I presented my recipes to for approval. He loved everything I had created so this was a real high point for me.  We then had a big launch with the local press and radio station.

What’s your advice for young, female British entrepreneurs of the future?

You may fail and it might be more than once, you might want to give up more times than you can count, you might doubt yourself daily BUT don’t give up, EVER! Hold onto your ideas and passions, and remind yourself constantly as to  what you want to achieve and why you started. All our failures and every experience we have, is all part of succeeding. 

Who is your female role model, and what has been the importance of her impact on your life?

I have been really inspired by Diane Von Fustenburg and her journey to create her famous wrap dress, I loved her story which talks of her failures along the way and how she was determined to succeed. I have referred to her story a few times over the past years, when I have felt close to giving up. I also really admire Jo Malone and how she created and built the Jo Malone empire. Despite having dyslexia, she used her sense of smell to create outstanding scents. I particularly admired how she didn’t let her learning difficulties stop her, and really focused on her positive gifts.

How is feminism motivating change across the world?

I think feminism is now seeing women joining forces and combining energies to create positive movements and influences in the world.  I feel it is a really powerful time for women to collaborate, inspire and motivate each other.  We are recognising that we are stronger together, than standing alone and I am proud to be part of this movement

What changes towards equality are you most looking forward to seeing as women continue to join forces to advocate diversity?

From my coaching practice I encourage women to think more about themselves, to connect to self love and self care and to tune into their purpose and passion again.  Women wear many hats in life: the wife, the mother, the daughter, sister, friend, the cook, cleaner and driver. This sees women lose connection to the person they used to be before they took on a multitude of responsibility.  Through education, motivation and inspiration women are starting reconnect to themselves. They are beginning to have the courage to pursue their passions, be brave and courageous by starting their own businesses. Women are standing up for what they believe in the world, but we are not doing it alone- we are doing it in union, which is making us collectively stronger.

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Written by Abbie Coombes.