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From Mayfair to Monaco, bespoke joinery company INTERIOR-iD specialises in working with architects, interior designers and construction professionals to create some of the most show-stopping luxury interiors in the world. We caught up with co-owner Bernd Radaschitz to find out how, as it approaches its tenth birthday, the company continues to go from strength to strength


Firstly, can you tell us about the history of INTERIOR-iD?
My great-grandfather started the business in 1923 in a small village in Austria, with just five people working for him. In the late 1970s my father took over, specialising in bespoke cabinetry, living areas and kitchens. The company employed in the region of 15-20 people and we lived above the workshops, so it was natural that my brother Johann and I would continue on this path. After I graduated as a Master Craftsman in Cabinet Making, I worked for two years as a kitchen designer for Poggenpohl in London, while Johann worked for small interior designer businesses in Italy and London. We decided there was a niche market for our services, and in 2006 we took the exciting step to take our client base to a London market, and after brainstorming some names INTERIOR-iD was born!

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What was the appointment that launched INTERIOR-iD?
Our first appointment by Candy & Candy at Eaton Place and One Hyde Park, for a two-bedroom apartment for Nick Candy. It was also the first time that we came across the main contractor, Grangewood, and we have subsequently gone on to work on a lot of projects together. There’s a mutual appreciation of quality and professionalism. In the early stages we were also appointed to work one seven apartments in Notting Hill, designing, developing, supplying, producing, manufacturing and installing media units and built-in wardrobes.

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What does heritage and craftsmanship mean to you?
This is where the real strength of the company lies. All our craftsmen go through an apprenticeship and are highly skilled at what they do. They are continuing a tradition that has been upheld in our family for almost 100 years. And the people with whom we work – the interior designers, architects, developers, contractors – appreciate the quality of work and level of service that we are able to bring to the most demanding of projects.

Can you talk us through the process from inquiry to final product?
When an inquiry comes through we look at the scope of the design concept and work out the proposal with the estimators. During phase 1 we start with detailed drawings and samples and materials. This can take up to several weeks, maintaining close contact with the interior designer, architect or private client. After the samples are all signed off the goods go into production in our Austrian workshop. Once manufactured, the goods are then assembled to test them out to check that they work perfectly. At this stage the client flies out to Austria and can make minor adjustments if need be. The goods are then protected in a purpose-built crate and sent out on the Friday to arrive on the Monday, and then go on to site the same day. The service is next to none. Communication is key in the process.

What kind of projects does INTERIOR-iD work on?
Historically we have specialised in bespoke kitchens, dressing rooms and bathrooms but we have seen an increasing demand for other cabinetry and specialist joinery for the luxury residential sector, including reception rooms, libraries, powder rooms, wine cellars and cinemas.

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What excites you in the world of interiors?
I like the engineering challenge and working with a wide range of materials – whether it be leather, fabrics, metals, stone or specialist finishes. INTERIOR-iD is all about working with new challenges, pushing the boundaries of design with new innovative materials, from burnt timber in epoxy resin to polished gold finish, and finding ways to work with them.

How was 2015 for you?
Excellent. 2015 saw us completing exceptional projects both at home and abroad, from luxury developments in Mayfair to state-of-the-art apartments in Rio. It also established a new working relationship with luxury property developers, who have come to appreciate the value we can bring to their property portfolio.

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Your workforce has also increased in the past 12 months…
Yes, we have almost tripled our workforce in our London studio from 8 to 22, which means that we are now able to underpin a long tradition of excellence and craftsmanship with an enhanced level of communication and services.

INTERIOR i-D celebrates its tenth birthday this year. Where do you see the business in ten years’ time?
Continuing to go from strength to strength, comfortably increasing the size of the London office, of course with all the key structures in place, and expanding in to overseas luxury markets such as New York, Dubai and Hong Kong. Our aim is not necessarily to be the biggest, but it is certainly to be the best.

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