Our Favourite British Flowers in an English Garden

Posted on by Abbie Coombes

It's British Flower Week, and we're taking a look at some of our favourite, native flowers that can be found in an English country garden. Cue that famous Jimmie Rodgers song!  

Living in the Dorset countryside, I regularly take an evening stroll around those hidden country lanes. The Rambling Roses, Delphiniums, Geraniums and Peonies that decorate the nearby cottages and gardens, provides the most colourful backdrop to my wanders. If unlike my stepfather, your knowledge of flowers extends beyond referring to them all as daisies, you will perhaps, be intrigued to know a little more about the blooms that you come across on your very own meanders, and those quick peaks at neighbouring gardens.

Explore with us some of those English garden favourites. First things first, it's all about those plants that create a buzz...

A recent and somewhat alarming, Facebook post by David Attenborough, reiterated the importance of bees to humans. He commented that, 'if bees were to disappear from the face of the earth, humans would have four years left to live.' This shocking discovery, coupled with statistics that reveal one third of our food depends on pollination, suggest there is a need to reflect on how we can assist in the species survival. To help lure the bees into your garden, so they can continue to produce their 6,000 tonnes of honey a year, you may want to consider planting some Foxgloves or English Lavender 'Hidcote.'

Not only are these plants great pollinators, but we love for instance, the varying shades of purple that the English Lavender flower displays. Its light purple and even sometimes, dark blue tones really compliment white peonies and roses- it makes for quite the perfect bunch! Whilst Foxgloves for me, evoke childhood memories of my grandparents' cottage and because of their height, they served as the frame for the rest of the floral artistry within it. 


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Whilst both Lavender and Foxgloves appear to have a buzz about them, here at Beyond Bespoke, it seems even the jewellery does too.

This Astley Clarke Honeycomb Ring and their Stud Earrings, mirror the geometric patterns and chevrons of those formed in honeybee colonies. Either piece make for the great gift, especially for those of you who might need to sweeten up loved ones or friends. Both items happen to be in the SALE, so your bank account won't be taking a sting either! 

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It may be cliché, but there is nothing quite as quintessentially British as an English Rose. They make for great borders and when in the form of climbers, they are a perfect way of decorating those often dull garden fences. It just so happens to be that they feature in some of our favourite Bloom & Wild bouquets. The rose can be found in The Harper and The Chelsea
; both stunning handpicked letter box blooms, that make for the perfect pick me up gift. 

Snapdragons, Peonies, Alstroemerias and delicate foliage can be found in both of these gorgeous bouquets. We love the unique bell shape of Snapdragons and the fact that they also prove to be a great flower for pollination. The Peony, which conjures notions of romance, happy marriage and prosperity, is another one of our favourites. This flower's beauty was highlighted only recently, by the stunning archway that was displayed outside of St George's Chapel on 19th May. 


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Many of us recall fond childhood memories in a field, doing that trusty buttercup test to confirm or deny our love for butter! The buttercup can be found in gardens across Britain and although regarded as a weed, it cannot be denied that these little dustings of yellow really do compliment a luscious green lawn. Longstaff Longstaff have this gorgeous silk buttercup patterned Robe and Notebook, perfect for those lazy Sundays when you're planning the week ahead. 

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I think, ultimately, whilst we love each of these flowers for their aesthetic, the fact that a many of them posses a much greater purpose than looking pretty in a floral arrangement, makes the team at Beyond Bespoke HQ love them that little bit more. 

Written by Abbie Coombes