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You’re going to need a pair of bespoke shoes to go with your suit. An Oxford is any formal shoe with open lacing. Additional decoration is called “broguing”

This line is taken from the Kingsmen movie when Harry Hart played by Colin Firth is giving “Eggsy” a lesson in how to be a gentleman. Eggsy who has been brought up as anything but a gentleman has much to learn!

You can tell a lot about someone from their shoes, to my mind the most important wardrobe essential. A beautiful suit with poorly made unsuitable shoes would be a big no-no. A well-designed pair of top quality shoes, even a traditional design with a scruffy pair of jeans will always look great. Even shoes that have seen better days you once purchased as new and the fact they have seen better days suggests you have enjoyed wearing them and have worn them often. Good shoes wear out stylishly too as far as I’m concerned. During my working life, I’ve spent most hours of the day on my feet. I’ve made some huge mistakes in the past in the shoe choosing department and have suffered from blisters and crippling discomfort until the shoes have worn in. I’ve chosen the shoe for the design not for the fit and quality. Assuming that both were not available together unless of course, you can afford handmade.

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That is until I bought my first pair of Oliver Sweeney’s. ‘Traditional made modern and no compromise on comfort’ I know exactly when it was for three reasons all of which have made me a loyal and very happy customer of the brand. Firstly the design caught my attention. It was twelve years ago. I was aware of Oliver Sweeney shoes but hadn’t tried a pair until one day I happened to be in a well-known department store in Knightsbridge and this particular pair of Oxford design shoes caught my eye. They looked stunning. Traditional but with a twist. I tried a pair there and then. Sitting down they felt good. Ok, I thought here is the test. I stood and walked across the floor of the department. I had to check I’d actually put them on! I’ll take them I said and I’m keeping them on too I said to the assistant. Not to ‘break them in’ but because they were without a doubt the most comfortable pair of shoes I’d stood in. That evening and still wearing the shoes I was at a dinner party. “Love the Sweeneys” a guest volunteered. Oh, thank you I said. How did you recognise them I asked. “I could just tell, subtle design features”. Very clever. Oxfords or Brogues.

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