God Save Our Gracious...Chocolates!

Posted on by Abbie Coombes

Inspired by the red cross of Saint George and the white cross of Saint Andrew, since 1606 the Union Jack has sailed on our country's great warships and has been proudly displayed outside our nation's homes at any given national celebration. The flag has been seen to represent unity. It is perhaps particularly poignant then, that Prestat, one of the nation's beloved chocolatiers have introduced a Union Jack collection- we are after all, united in our love for all things sweet. 

Perfect as a gift for any upcoming birthdays, Prestat's Union Jack Box oozes luxury both inside and out. There are a number of truffles encased in this patriotic box of chocolate delights- from a Marc de Champagne truffle, to a passion fruit in dark chocolate recipe. In a similar vein to which the Union Jack was intended to represent a sense of diversity, we all know the importance of variety when we peruse that mini chocolate menu encased within the box. The tasty treats to be found in this Union Jack box will almost certainly, leave you in a chocolate based predicament!

  The Union Jack Box 200g
     £19.50 >

Prestat's Union Jack collection extends beyond the gourmet chocolate truffles which significantly, were used by the brand to celebrate the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. With their jute bag for instance, inspired by the trooping of the colour on parade, our beloved royals, horse drawn carriages and sentries, you are sure to indulge in a thoroughly British, delectable treat. 

Vivat Brittania 620g 
£35 >

Prestat has tantalized the taste buds of some of the most inspirational individuals in British society including Roald Dahl- it would be foolish to not allow these delightful treats to satisfy yours! Having been granted two Royal Warrants in 1975 and 1999, feel assured that with this well established, luxury brand you will be enjoying some truly scrumptious chocolate.              


Written by Abbie Coombes.