Posted on by Hayley Peters

Alarm clocks buzzing, the children squabbling, mixed up sandwiches, coats on back to front, shoe laces in a knot, books squashed into school bags, the sound of velcro ripping from shoe straps, sticky jam wiped from cheeks, a quick to dash to claim the front car seat, drop off at the school gates, a goodbye hug and a kiss for luck, a wave and a smile, hop in the car, drive to work, an after work walk around a bustling supermarket on a quest to find inspiration for appetising sandwiches, dinner for the children, a bedtime story about three bears and a girl named Goldilocks, head down on the pillow, fast asleep... wake up, now repeat.

Parents around Britain will once again be bracing themselves to begin the madness of the school run, multi-tasking and becoming superhuman to get everything done in time. However, there's one thing to remember and that's taking the time to relax and unwind at the end of each busy day. 

Create a tranquil living space to escape to, this might be your bedroom or the living room, but it should be a place where you can switch off from the stresses of the day. Focus on winding down an hour before bed, read your favourite magazine, immerse yourself in a gripping novel, make a hot drink, light a candle, switch the phone to silent, and... RELAX.

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