Rolls-Royce Lend Elegance to Supercars at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

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At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Rolls-Royce will show why it is considered to be the world’s leading luxury house by showcasing the full extent of its capabilities in designing supercars. Those who commission a Rolls-Royce can fulfil their desire to own a motor car that reflects their individuality. For the first time at a public motor show, The House of Rolls-Royce presents its full Spring/Summer 2017 Couture collection that is ‘Dawn – Inspired by Fashion’, which utilises a colour scheme of three colours never before seen together. Design Director Giles Taylor, and his team of designers at the Home of Rolls-Royce in West Sussex, were responsible for the intricate embroideries and textiles offered here, accentuated in three vibrant colours; Mugello Red, Cobalto Blue and Mandarin.


The star of the show, quite literally, is the Elegance. A definitive expression of luxury, this car possesses the world’s first Diamond paint finish. Only Rolls-Royce, with its highly skilled craftspeople, could have created a paint made from 1,000 crushed ethically-sourced diamonds. This is the most luxurious and lustrous exterior ever seen on a motor car, and the most expensive paint to grace the body of a Rolls-Royce. Radiance of the diamonds was ensured through two months of concentrated extensive testing by Goodwood’s Technical Laboratory. Examining the dimensions of the precious stones with the use of a high-powered microscope, the team carefully analysed their reflection of light. The dense and strong diamonds were manipulated into a very fine diamond powder undetectable to the touch.

Elegance exudes unapologetic luxury and grandeur. The flanks of the motor car are accented with Mugello Red and Black twin coachlines. To enhance the exterior further, the centre of the 21 inch wheels are hand-painted with a Mugello Red pinstripe. The interior of this unique Rolls-Royce Ghost also communicates the elegant tastes of its owner. Chauffeur and passenger areas are clearly demarcated as in the early days of luxury motoring. Seamless handcraftsmanship is seen throughout the vehicle in the piping, stitching and embroidered RR monograms. The leather seats and dashboard have a white finish whilst the interiors of the coach doors are accented with contrasting black. Setting off this monochromatic treatment is patterned silk on the inside of the door pockets.


Over recent years, many such individuals have gravitated towards the revitalised Rolls-Royce Motor Cars as the brand most appropriate to encapsulate their truly individual lifestyles, much as their celebrated predecessors did in days past. Always pushing their own boundaries, they have asked Rolls-Royce to do the same. As always, Rolls-Royce has demonstrated its true luxury credentials as the world’s leading super-luxury brand by creating Black Badge. Rolls-Royce’s Chief Executive Officer, sees that “Black Badge is an attitude to life, an aspect of the Rolls-Royce brand that appeals to those people who are elusive and defiant, the risk takers and disruptors who break the rules and laugh in the face of convention.”

The most powerful Rolls-Royce in the world, Wraith is reliably the most driver-focused car in Rolls-Royce’s range. However, understanding how driven this new breed of customer is and their wish to push the boundaries of life, Rolls-Royce’s engineering team worked painstakingly on the power output, transmission and air-suspension to give this coupé a discernible edge. Rolls-Royce has produced an even more driver-focused, agile Wraith, opening it up to a new alternative clientele who expect something different from the brand.


Following the theme of fashion, which is greatly inspired by the effect of colour and visual composition that works of art bring, Rolls-Royce has collaborated with artist Charles Kaisin to created a magnificent installation for the Geneva Motor Show. Created from 3000 identical hand-made origami pieces, it replicates the figure that graces the bonnet of every Rolls-Royce, the beloved Spirit of Ecstasy. To encapsulate the full silhouette each mirrored square is hung precisely to accurately portray the silhouette that embodies the spirit of the brand. From multiple angles, the unique design demonstrates high levels of craftsmanship, inventiveness, vision and attention to detail. Echoing both the like the graceful figure that guides each Rolls-Royce, and the new glimmering diamond paint surface on show here, this installation reflects light, exquisitely balanced with the shadow it creates.


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