Seascape Island Apothecary- An award Winning Bath & Body brand Inspired by the beautiful Island of Jersey

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Here at Beyond Bespoke, we are extremely excited to introduce the award-winning bath and body brand, Seascape Island Apothecary on to our site.

The ingredients that can be found in Seascape Island Apothecary's products have all been locally sourced from Jersey. Whether it's the lavender from the well established Jersey Lavender Farm, the Jersey Beeswax from Jersey beekeeper, Francois Le Luyer's, or the milk from the iconic Jersey cow, you can be assured that all of the ingredients in these products have no traces of artificiality in them.           

If you need to unwind, refresh, revive, and feel uplifted, then Seascape Island Apothecary can help you do just that.   

We spoke to Stuart Mactavish, the man behind a brand that has won 43 awards from the UK beauty and travel industry. He delves into the inspiration behind this successful British brand, how it embodies an environmentally friendly ethos and the direction it will be taking in the near future.   

What was the inspiration behind Seascape Island Apothecary?

Seascape has several sources of inspiration, and the most tangible of this being that the brand is inspired by, and includes ingredients from the beautiful Island of Jersey. They utilise Lavender, Eucalyptus and Rosemary Oil from Jersey, as well as beeswax and honey. There is however, a philosophical inspiration behind seascape, this being, that it is a bath and body brand which ticks more boxes than any of its competitors.  

Stuart went into more depth about what it is that differentiates this award winning bath and body brand from others available on the marketplace.

We are as natural as you will find in the marketplace, with, on average, 95.7% of our ingredients being natural, or naturally derived.

We are a bath and body collection for the whole family, including two ranges that are specifically formulated to be maternity-safe. 

We have now won 43 awards from the UK beauty and travel industry for our product performance and quality, which we feel is pretty good for a relatively young brand.

With our attractive packaging, we feel we are interesting as much as a gift, as we are for personal use.

We are a British brand, which is very important.

With out various sophisticated essential oil blends, we can also offer users subtle but effective aromatherapy benefits.

We are very competitively priced, especially given our quality formulations and the fact that they make for great gifts.

In short, Stuart is very keen to highlight that Seascape is everything that they would want a bath and body brand to be, and argues that whilst their competitors may tick some of the boxes, no competitor can tick all of the boxes that we tick. 

Do you have a favourite, go-to product? 

Our Maternity- Safe Soothe Sleep Oil is clearly our best seller. It is very effective in helping one simply 'de-stress.' The essential oil blend helps to take the edge off the day, allowing one to get a step, or two, closer to relaxation and the eventual ability to fall asleep. It is also featured on several airlines as a duty-free purchase. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it is a perfect product for jet lag and long haul travel. 

    This Soothe Sleep Oil is a must-have for those bedside tables. In 2014 it was shortlisted for the best 'Stress Less Beauty/ Bath product' and contains 100% natural essential oil of Lavender, as well as oils from Grape Seed, Sweet Almond, Bitter Orange Flower and Mandarin Orange Peel. It's pregnancy- safe and a great aid for getting that much needed shut-eye. 

    What inspires you in the world of product innovation? 

    We feel that the most important thing in terms of product innovation is to have created a product that does what it is supposed to do, as well as, if not better, than leading competitors in a user and environmentally friendly way. We would like to think that Seascape has developed this kind of product. 

    How do you source the ingredients for your skin care products?

    We work with our manufacturers to ensure that we have the best possible ingredients, and that they are sourced from British suppliers. As aforementioned, we use specific natural ingredients from Jersey, complimented by other ingredients from across the country. It is obviously the quality of the ingredients that have earned us so many awards from the beauty industry.

    How does the brand embody an environmentally friendly ethos? 

    Our eco friendly ethos begins with our formulations, whereby we try and use the most environmentally friendly (and people friendly) ingredients when possible. For example, many brand use SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) which is known to irritate the skin and have profound implications on the environment. Seascape Island use a lesser known compound which whilst it may not be as foamy as SLS, it is just as effective on the skin and more importantly, better for the environment.

    All of our packaging components are recyclable, and the brand is looking into putting our product into recycled PET bottles going forwards.   

    What'd next for Seascape Island Apothecary?

    We are continuing to grow our business in several directions. We want to continue to broaden our distribution base- both here in the UK and further afield internationally. Our priority is the UK market, as this is our 'home' and who we are. We want to develop the duty-free market, as this is proving to be successful for us. More importantly, we have a robust, new product development programme whereby we want to keep introducing more 'Wow' products. Our most recent product introductions have won us a lot of awards and we want to keep this trend going. We have several new products planned for launch in 2019, which I know Beyond Bespoke customers will be very happy about. 

    Here at BB HQ we are very fond of Seascape Island Apothecary's products. Found out the team's favourite bath and body item and why...

    Abbie L, our Digital Design and Marketing Assistant, loves...the Soothe Sleep Oil.

    I have been using the Soothe Sleep Oil for a few weeks and use it every time I go to bed. It's super easy to apply, as it’s a roll on and doesn’t go everywhere. The smell is really subtle and not overpowering. I like to put it on my wrist, temples and sometimes, even roll some on my pillow.


    This sleep oil has also won over BB's Sub- Editor, Lizzie, who commented...

    I’ve been using the night oil every night now for about a month and as a mother of three who - like many parents - gets frequent interrupted sleep, this oil has made quite a significant difference. It’s got a really lovely, but subtle, scent - we all know how marvellous Lavender is for sleep, but it can be quite overpowering - this however, is not at all; with the additions of Grape Seed, Sweet Almond, Bitter Orange Flower and Mandarin Orange Peel, this is a gentle, soothing oil. It’s become a wonderful trigger to my body to relax and be calm prior to drifting off to sleep quickly, and with ease. 

    I put it on my temples and under my nose (double tick-in-the-box here as my skin is sensitive - believe me, it notices if I add anything at all to its usual routine - yet it hasn’t noticed this one!) and what’s more, I also use it on my children - my boys are ‘asleep once their head hits the pillow’ sorts, but my daughter needs (and loves) all the extra sleep aids to drift off to a happy dream world! 

    Safe in pregnancy, and multi-award winning, this sleep oil is a bedside essential - in fact, I suggest you have a few extra for easing the commute, and assisting with your holiday travels.  Absolutely worthy of the name “lullaby in a bottle”.

    Hayley, our Digital Marketing Assistant loves Seascape's Peppermint Oil Lip Balm

    The Seascape Lip Balm has a refreshing Peppermint scent and is a lovely treat for dry, chapped lips. Applied at night, the Jersey Beeswax gently exfoliates, whilst the Jojoba Seed moisturises, making lips feel silky smooth in the morning and ready for a slick of lipstick.

    Abbie C, BB's Editorial Assistant is particularly fond of, Seascape Refresh Hand wash

    The Refresh Hand Wash is used in the communal areas at Beyond Bespoke HQ and I love, as we all do, its refreshing scent. My hands are very sensitive and tend to get dry fairly quickly, this Refresh Hand Wash however, moisturises and nourishes my skin, ensuring they remain nice and soft.

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    Written by Abbie Coombes.