Seven of the best British flavoured vodkas

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British vodka has only gone from strength to strength in recent years, admired for its distinct creaminess and simplicity. So much so that even flavoured vodkas have begun to make an appearance on the market, adopting unique, original flavours such as marmalade, elderflower and even black truffle. If you’re looking to sweeten your martini or add some extra kick to your Bloody Mary, Dan Cooper brings you six of the best British flavoured vodkas that Britain has to offer

Williams Chase Cognac Cask Aged Marmalade Vodka
Following up their popular Marmalade Vodka, this new four-year aged edition takes the super premium Williams Chase over and above its already stellar vodka. To enjoy to the fullest, simply pour into a cool tumbler and sip gently, like your favourite whisky or cognac. Marmalade cocktails, anyone? 70cl / £80 / 40% ABV 
Notes: A mellow, bittersweet taste with a very long finish. The profile is laden with a wealth of intricate notes, toffee and caramel most notably 

Williams Chase limited edition Cognac Aged Marmlade Vodka from Harvey Nichols

Sipsmith Damson Vodka
It is no surprise that Sipsmith’s vodkas are as magnificent as their gins, and in true Sipsmith style their Damson Vodka proves a lively addition to their roster. Embracing the native British damson berry and a whole selection of sumptuous fruits, this gorgeously English mix of berries complements its refined Barley vodka base. Don’t bother with tonic, just top up with an English sparkling wine. 70cl / £27.50 / 28% ABV
Notes: Super sweet plum and tangy cherry very much inform the palate. The taste is quite reminiscent, too, of sloe berries and citrus, but with a very refreshing finish. Delicious.

Sipsmith Damson Vodka 2010 from Hedonism Wines

Adnams North Cove Oak-aged Vodka
Having triumphed last year with the World’s Best Vodka with their Longshore edition, Adnams brewery have definitely proven themselves as crafters of exceptional spirits. Ageing the Longshore in French and American oak casks, Adnams are left with this brilliant oaky vodka. 70cl / £38.50 / 50% ABV
Notes: Full-bodied, heavy and oaky. There’s some airy notes of vanilla and cream in there, too, with a long finish

Adnams Cooper House North Cove Oak Aged Vodka from Harvey Nichols

Black Moth Truffle Vodka
“Le diamant noir” or, as it’s better known, the black truffle is not a flavour often paired with the milkiness of British vodka. However, audacious artisans Black Moth have bravely taken the plunge to produce this new luxury flavoured vodka, infused with gorgeous Périgord truffles. 70cl / £44.35 / 40% ABV
Notes: Initially earthy and warm on the palate, soon developing into a pleasant complexity of creamy floral tones and subtle citrus hints

Black Moth Black Truffle Vodka from Amazon

Sacred London Spiced Vodka
Adopting a series of vacuum and redistillation techniques, Sacred London also has at their disposal a secret (or should we say sacred) ingredient: frankincense. Produced in the smallest of batches at their micro-microdistillery in Highgate, this delicate spiced vodka is perfect for the ultimate brunch-time Bloody Mary or even just ice-cold with fresh lemonade. 70cl / £35 / 40% ABV
Notes: Peppery and hot to the taste, with those spices lying low on the palate. It’s also surprisingly herby in its finish, with high notes of lavender, aniseed and cubeb

Sacred London Spiced Vodka from Fortnum & Mason

Heston Cherry Bakewell Vodka from Waitrose
Yes, it finally happened: pudding in a bottle. Straight from the ever-inventive mind of Heston Blumenthal to your next dinner party, this beautiful Bakewell-flavoured vodka makes the ideal after-dinner liqueur. Simply freeze some shot glasses and serve neat for a devilishly tasty digestif. 70cl / £24.50 / 40% ABV
Notes: Syrupy sweet amaretto, with the grand sour aftertaste of cherry. Not too strong either.

Heston Blumenthal Cherry Bakewell Vodka from Waitrose

Godminster Vintage Elderflower Vodka
Better known for their award-winning cheese, Godminster Vintage also distil a collection of fascinating flavoured vodkas. Quickly becoming a favourite with UK-based mixologists, and crafted only with British ingredients from their organic farms, Godminster Elderflower Vodka was destined for those spring-time BBQ cocktails. 35cl / £22 / 29% ABV
Notes: The palate is rich, fragrant and, of course, full of fruity perfumes. The taste soon develops into a pleasant sweetness.

Godminster Elderflower Vodka from Godminster


Main image from Williams Chase – Peru Paddington Bear Marmalade Cocktail



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