Seven of the best male grooming products

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From daily SPF protection to witch hazel aftershave, here is Dan Cooper’s pick of the seven essential luxury male grooming products you need in your daily routine

The Gentle-Man Range Pomegranate Face Wash
The devilishly good Gentle-Man Range has cottoned on to the use of pomegranate and its excellent antioxidant effects, in their Frightfully Fresh face wash. And how right they are. 200ml / £15

Frightfully Fresh Pomegranate Face Wash luxury grooming products by The Gentle-Man

Cowshed Bullocks Refining Facial Scrub
Just a bead-sized dab on your face is a great way to buff away dead skin to promote a nick-free shave. Full of hemp seed and chamomile oils, this facial scrub’s light consistency is the treatment your skin needs. 100ml / £16

Bullocks Refining Facial Scrub luxury grooming products by Cowshed

Penhaligon’s Bayolea Aftershave Splash
Traditionally used to treat irritation and inflamed skin, witch hazel is the guaranteed way to naturally tighten skin and shrink large pores. Use just a splash of this after wet shaving. 100ml / £35

Bayolea Aftershave splash with witch hazel luxury grooming products from Penhaligon's

Floris Honey Oud eau de parfum
Every man needs a signature fragrance, and this eau de parfum from Floris is packed with the most opulent of ingredients, including a fiendishly rare oud oil. The definition of understated luxury. 100ml / £160

Honey Oud eau de parfum luxury grooming products by Floris

Moustache Wax
Britain was a nation once proud of its moustachioed men and we should be no different in the 21st century. If you’re going to tease your facial fuzz like the greats, look no further than British barbers Murdock and their Marvellous Moustache Wax. £15

Marvellous moustache quince oakmoss wax luxury grooming products by Murdock London

Neville Face Reviver
Packed with Vitamin A and Vitamin E, this moisturiser from Neville has a subtle aroma of tobacco and a distinctly cool-to-the-touch texture. Perfect for sensitive skin and those who need daily defence. £25

Face Reviver luxury grooming products by Neville

NuBoCell Dynamic Cooling Aftershave Moisturiser (SPF20)
Work a daily SPF into your morning routine with this cooling moisturiser that will keep your skin quenched and protected as spring sunshine starts to rear its head. 30ml / £80

Cell Dynamic Cooling Aftershave Moisturiser (SPF20) luxury grooming products from Nubo

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