Seven of the best private island getaways in the world

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If you’re looking for pure privacy on your next holiday, it doesn’t get more exclusive than a private island getaway – it’s not unheard of to never see another guest throughout your stay. Dan Cooper picks seven of the best in the world   

Matangi Island
Two words are just the icing on an already glorious cake and they are ‘Ocean Spa’. Way out in the magnificent South Pacific, the Matangi Island Resort offer one of the most unique spa experiences in the world, steeped in royal Fijian practice and techniques.

Mantangi Island luxury private island getaways from Turquoise Holidays

Guana Island
A few dozen miles west of the celebrity playground, Necker Island, is the ultra-exclusive Caribbean paradise of Guana Island. With snowy white beaches and acres of tropical forests, accommodation on the island consists of a number of quaint sea cottages and villas for a superlative private island stay. There’s not an experience quite as charming as strolling through the island’s orchard to pick fresh papayas, mangoes and coconuts.

Guana Island luxury private island getaways from Oxford Private Travel

Cocoa Island
Brought to you by luxury hotel and resorts group COMO, Cocoa Island encapsulates that distinctive elegance and simplicity for which the brand is celebrated. The private island’s accommodation consists of 33 over-sea suites, set on an exquisite Maldivian reef in the Indian Ocean. With world-class dining, leisure and spa facilities available at your disposal, this luxury private island is nothing short of paradise.

Cocoa Island luxury private island getaways from Carrier

Peacock Island
Peacock Island is one of those private destinations with its own unique identity that you will just not find anywhere else in the world. Set in the idyllic Berry Islands in the Bahamas, where the sun shines all day and every day, the island remains another ultra-exclusive getaway, with only 12 guests available to book at one time. Only three luxury villas stand on the island, each one festooned with an authentic, historical Bahamian design.

Peacock Island private island getaways from Passepartout Homes

Petit St Vincent
The Grenadines have always been celebrated for their picturesque views and rigorously laidback culture. And, not far from the shore of Union Island, Petit St Vincent is no different. Simply laze your days away doing as much or as little as you wish, savouring no interruptions from televisions, the internet or smart phones.

Petit St Vincent private island getaways from Carrier

Lizard Island
Lizard Island received its name in 1770 as Captain Cook sailed past, spotting only lizards on its shores. Nowadays, Lizard Island and its breathtaking resort is the prime location to explore the Great Barrier Reef. Or, if simply lazing on some of the world’s most exclusive beaches takes your fancy, this is the perfect island to do so.

Lizard Island private island getaway from Turquoise Holidays

Vamizi Island
Vamizi Island has some of the most unique and beautiful beaches of any private island in the world. Just several miles off of the coast of Mozambique, it is also home to a truly unscathed, conserved reef, where you can immerse yourself in a diving experience that you will just not find anywhere else on the planet.

Vamizi Island private island getaways from TRULY Experiences


Main image: Lizard Island

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