Six of the best crystal decanters

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Whether it’s a Scottish malt whisky or a heavily tannic red wine, such as Barolo, Bordeaux or port, your favourite drink deserves the very finest British crystal decanter to bring out the rich aromas, says Dan Cooper

Designed with a large, orbicular base and a long narrow neck, this Trafalgar Captain’s Decanter from LINLEY ensures no spillage even in the midst of rough seas. £495

Trafalgar Captain's Decanter from LINLEY

William Yeoward 
With a distinctly understated yet elegant design, these three decanters from Gift Library‘s William Yeoward Lillian Collection are created for storing Britain’s three favourite spirits and would look perfect on any private back bar or in behind the pane of a modern drinks cabinet. £100


Inspired by the rich, deep colours that dominate the décor of several European palaces – including the Palace of Versailles – this stunning Aubergine Crystal Decanter from Gurasu is the ideal crystal decanter for red and fortified wines. £128


The smallest of our picks – with only a 65cl capacity – but also one of the most characteristic. Engraved with two magnificent grouse and complete with a silk-lined giftbox, this is our favourite from Dartington’s new collection of engraved game animal decanters. £150


Royal Doulton
Decanting brandy really only serves one purpose and that is beautiful presentation. This gorgeous square decanter from Royal Doulton is a spectacular centrepiece for those late evening digestifs. £80


Cumbria Crystal 
Hand-blown and crafted over the course of four to six weeks, this Six I Decanter from Cumbria Crystal is only available on personal request. Tasteful, elegant and traditional, it’s quite perfect for port. £305



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