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With life always at a hundred miles an hour, sleep and adventure are craved in equal measure. Exhausting ourselves in opportunity, it can be hard to tell ourselves to relax, but bespoke fashion extraordinaire’s Masters of Mayfair are telling us to do just this, in the most luxurious of ways. A British sleep mask brand with ultimate relaxation the aim, Masters of Mayfair make the idea of unwinding peaceful and deeply alluring. You simply cannot argue sleeping in luxury, when you realise a third of your life is spent asleep!

With essential British craftsmanship, natural organic fabrics are exclusively used to create these handmade masks in London. Using natural lavender scents to relax and calm, help to enhance sleep quality is carefully considered. With vision of a healthier lifestyle, attention to detail through product design has enabled a product range which is not only luxurious, sleek and stylish but also comfortable and practical. Sleep being such an important structure in all of our lives, its impact upon the body to reduce stress, increase concentration and help to maintain a healthy weight should be treated with utmost care. This care is infused in the ethos of Masters of Mayfair, recognising these products would be ideal for light sleepers and insomniacs. Relevance to the frequent flyer is likewise realised, with in-Flight Anti-DVT travel socks and luxury neck pillows also featuring in the Masters of Mayfair product range. Being comfortable and practical, these travel accessories give a soothing sleep experience every time, wherever the time and place!

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Wake up rejuvenated and primed for the adventures of the day ahead.
Jamie & Katie Smalley, Masters of Mayfair

With ranges in the sleep mask venturing from limited to luxe, all come in various colours from burgundy to grey, and all are made from silk which is soft and cooling to the skin. With an easy flat clip strap, no discomfort when fastening is projected. Infused with natural lavender scents insomnia and fatigue are helped, as are headaches.

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