Spooktacular Halloween Party Essentials

Posted on by Abbie Coombes

Creep your Halloween parties real this October with some rather spooktacular sweet treats and essentials. If you're hosting a halloween party and want to venture away from the classic blood-like punch concoction and spider cakes, then we've got just the thing to ensure that your party is unique, but with just the right amount of spooky.

Firstly, we'd recommend Smith & Sinclair as your poison of choice. Smith & Sinclair offer a unique and fun way to enjoy some of our favourite tipples. From the classic Gin & Tonic combination to the more exotic, passionfruit mojito. 

Smith & Sinclair's motto says it all, 'Eat your drink.' They have a number of alcohol flavoured gummies, which would make for the perfect 'treat' when the ghosts, witches and ghouls arrive at your door. It's the perfect way to get the party in full swing!

Alcoholic fragrance can also be purchased and sprayed on beverages and food, a rather sneaky way to 'trick' your guests!

These British Colour Standard handmade and recycled, glass tumblers will ensure an explosion of those classic halloween colours at your party. They make the perfect way to consume the poison (or let's face it for the little devils, some cherryade!) 


And as the night draws in and the witches begin to cackle, dim the lights, light a candle and unbury ghoulish tales of times forgotten. Gurasu Crystal's tea light candle holders will help to create the much desired sinister ambiance...


No matter what your age, a halloween party just wouldn't be quite right without ample sweet treats, and this year you can indulge without feeling guilty! As Raw As chocolate is natural, organic, diary-free and vegan and a stress free way to ensure your guests stay happy!



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