Make Fresh Resolutions with Bloom & Wild

Posted on by Abbie Coombes

It's been a few weeks since the Christmas decs were taken down and many of us woke up to empty champagne bottles lining our kitchen work surfaces from a party the night before. For those of us committing to a dry January, a boozy aroma is definitely unwelcome in the home. Instead, a fresh bunch of beautifully fragrant flowers from a luxury florist, may just be the uplift that both you and your home need- what better way to cure those January blues! 

Often when buying flowers from the local florist, they can look dreary and lifeless within a couple of days. Bloom & Wild on the other hand, the British florist that can deliver freshly cut and netted in-bud blooms through your letterbox, will ensure that your chosen bouquet will brighten up any living space for much longer than just a day. 

Much has been written on the positive implications of flowers in the home. It has been said that they uplift mood, help spark creativity, ensure relaxation and undeniably, make any room look that little bit more vibrant. So, whether you want to brighten up yours, or your loved one's day, why not subscribe to a three month's, six month's, or a year's supply of flowers with Bloom & Wild. Each month, a beautiful centrepiece will be delivered to your door in packaging that will fit neatly through the letterbox- no more sitting in all day waiting to hear that door bell ring!


Start your new year with a fresh resolution and by fresh I mean, make it your priority to subscribe to a fresh bunch of hand-picked flowers, carefully selected by one of the UK's top rated flower delivery companies. After all, there is perhaps nothing better than the sight of a dazzling bouquet of flowers, that can bring some spring sunshine to a dull January day. 

This January, Bloom & Wild are collaborating with Lumity in a competition to give one of our lucky readers and shoppers the chance to win a year of luxury letterbox blooms worth £300, as well as a three month subscription to Lumity's food supplements and facial oil. This is a bundle which is sure to brighten anyone's day! 

Written by Abbie Coombes.