Get fit & Stylish For the slopes: The Ultimate Pre-Ski Guide

Posted on by Abbie Coombes

It's the time of year to dust off the last remnant of powder from those ski goggles, walk around the house in those new ski boots that were gifted to you at Christmas, and start to get in the swing of those pre-ski core and muscle exercises. If you are however, still in search for the perfect ski gear and need guidance on how to get ski fit, we have comprised the perfect mini guide to ensure that you keep your core, strong and your look, stylish on the slopes. 

Let us help you prepare for your next snow adventure with our top fitness and style tips. Here's our recommendations on the best way to get slope-fit and help combat those first day skiing aches and pains- each can be done from the comfort of your home, so you don't have to venture in minus temperatures just yet...

1. Core Strength

Enhancing core strength is a key fitness trend for 2018, and is something that is essential to one's success in any sporting activity. This could not be more true for skiing, as good core strength will help enhance your stance and this will in turn, ensure that you are using the correct muscle groups. One of the most effective ways to enhance core strength before skiing is to perform a number of those dreaded plank exercises.

 2. Quads & Glutes 

With the quads and glutes being the dominant muscles used during skiing, squat jumps are a great way to enhance fast reactions in these muscles areas. Start with your feet shoulder-width apart and squat low enough for your thighs to become parallel to the ground. Remember to keep your back straight and your chest up. Once you are parallel, jump up high with your feet lifting off the ground and land softly on the balls of your feet.

Lunges are also great for the glutes, Doing front, side and back lunges ensures you are using all the correct leg muscles and by adding weights into the mix means you are getting used to using your arms and legs at the same time, similar to that of skiing poles. 

3. Cardiovascular Fitness  

Building up your cardiovascular fitness is crucial to skiing as it is a very physically demanding activity. The most effective form of exercise for this is interval training, where you have periods of intense and slower workouts. To achieve the best results, use the step machine or exercise bike as these see you utilise the muscles that you use the most whilst out on the slopes. Go intense for 30 seconds and then follow that up with a 30 second rest. 

Whilst these tips help to ensure that you remain ski-fit, we also recognise the importance of you feeling stylish on the slopes. Here is a selection of our must have essentials available on Net-A-Porter and Sweaty Betty...

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5. Thermal Earwarmer £15> - a stylish and practical way to keep those ears warm on those black runs!

6. Vale Hooded Ski Jacket £475> - a 'Vale' jacket perfect for *Val*-d'Isère! 

It is, just as important to stay stylish off the slopes as it is on them, so here are some of our favourite skiing holiday essentials...

Any holiday warrants the purchase of a new bag to put all those evening essentials inside. This bag by Tusting oozes luxury and more importantly, would be durable in a snow storm, or two...

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Now all you have to worry about is making sure you stay upright on those skis!

Written by Abbie Coombes.