Summer Inspiration For Your Home Interiors: The Tropical Trend

Posted on by Hayley Peters

Whilst you might be spending more and more of your time outdoors due to the hot weather, perhaps, sunbathing on a sun lounger at the beach, enjoying a picnic in the park, or sipping a cold pint in a beer garden with friends, it's always nice to retreat back home at the end of the day. For those who are not to so enthused by the heat (and let's face it, not all of us are) the home is where you'll currently be spending most time of your time, camped on the sofa with a fan wildly blowing your hair and an ice lolly in hand whilst you watch your favourite box set. However, what is certain is that your home should be your haven come sun or... more sun.

Tropical palm prints, fresh tones and carnival brights will put your home at the very top of the interior trends list this summer. Such botanical and jungle prints can easily be incorporated into your home alongside bleached wood for a contemporary aesthetic, or darkened wood for a striking and classic look. Wallpaper, art, home accessories and a splash of paint on the walls are just a few simple ways in which you can take on the tropical trend.

Trends do come and go and should be adopted into your home with a sense of caution. After all, you don't want your living or dining room looking or feeling like a jungle, rather decorated with a sprinkling of floral prints and colour to create a sense of travel and journey throughout the home, whilst expressing an appreciation for the most beautiful and exotic parts of the world. Your home should always reflect your personality, but every now and again it's good fun to inject something vibrant and new into its interiors. 


India Jane- Le Tropicana Small Lamp Base

India Jane- V & A Serving Tray- Green Chinois

India Jane- Birds of Paradise TJ Lamp Base 

India Jane- Frontis, Dedication to Linnaeu

India Jane- Yellow Chinoiserie Small TJ Lamp

India Jane- Santino Frame with Print 8x10


India Jane- V&A Floral Tree Cushion

India Jane- V&A Tree of Life Cushion

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By Hayley Peters