Susie Ambrose’s guide to Valentine’s Day

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With Valentine’s less than a week away, it’s time to start thinking romance. We’ve taken a few tips from Susie Ambrose, founder of Seventy Thirty, so you know the dos and don’ts of elite dating in the lead up to Valentine’s Day.

Buying gifts for your valentine depends on what you’re trying to achieve. In life, we either give loved ones situational gifts (birthdays) or tactical gifts (‘I really like you’). In many animal species, males give tactical gifts to females to woo them, and females have evolved to expect tactical gifts as a display of commitment or intention. What some men fail to understand is that women want to see you being tactical on Valentine’s Day; in fact, they expect it.

Don’t use the commercialisation of Valentine’s Day as a cop-out.

A standard card from a shop with your signature in will meal little more than no card at all. It’s about showing you care and investing something precious (time and brain power, in this instance) into maintaining or creating the relationship. And if the thought of writing something profound makes you dizzy, or if you can’t spell, er suggest drawing a picture. Women are drawn to intelligent men.

Sometimes the simplest gesture can increase the attraction. Find out what your valentine likes to eat, and cook her favourite meal for her. Or forget the food: scatter romantic candles around the house and offer your valentine a massage instead.

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