Taylor Yates - Empowering Women Across the World

Posted on by Lizzie Watson

In a changing world where people need brands to be more transparent, the first seeds of the Taylor Yates brand were planted. Mother and daughter team, Karen and Ellen, have created a range of bags within a brand that empowers women across the world.

Taylor Yates bags are made by Pittards, a leather company based in Somerset with a fine heritage but are at the forefront of technology and innovation. Conscious of sustainability issues within leather production, they wanted a supplier that complied with environmental practices within the leather industry, Pittards long established leather trading links to Ethiopia date back 100 years, and they provide community-wide support for employees such as on-site clinics and resources for schools. 

Protecting and caring for the environment is something that we are all on board with; campaigns across the world are battling our plastic waste and giving back to communities. Finding brands that go above and beyond their working practices to produce a product we can feel good about purchasing is a positive step in every direction.  

How does your business contribute to green living and eco-friendly practices, and how important is this to you?

Our leather is only a by-product of food production, our baseboards are made from leather cut-offs and our lining is eco-friendly Alcantara. All of our packaging is from sustainable sources and we ship all deliveries in one pick up to avoid multiple delivery trucks and extra emissions. Green living and eco-friendly practices are very important to us at Taylor Yates, our core values revolve around people, planet and purpose. 

What do you do every day to be earth-friendly?

We work in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals 5 and 12. We also try to minimise unnecessary paper in the office and have recently bought ourselves metal reusable water bottles to reduce our plastic waste. 

Tell us about your responsible production processes that look after the environment.

Our production process meets all EU regulations and the factory we use are also constantly striving to better these standards as well as only using hides and skins that are a by-product of food production as mentioned. 

Tell us about any bigger initiatives you are involved with that help to give back to other communities or the environment. 

We are currently involved with Women for Women International to sponsor women in war zones to help them to rebuild their lives. We have sponsored one sister in Congo so far by hosting a 'Beautiful Purpose' lunch in Belfast to raise the sponsorship money with an ultimate goal of being about to give back with every purchase.   

Taylor Yates are proud to support Women for Women International. We are currently raising funds to sponsor a woman survivor of war through the charity’s year-long holistic training programme, to equip her with the skills to earn money, regain her confidence and actively participate in her community.


Excitingly, Taylor Yates has been awarded the Butterfly Mark powered by Positive Luxury for their sustainable practices. 


Taylor Yates believes that “choice should not be a luxury only afforded to women born in the right country or to the right family, it should be available to all.”

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