Ten inspirational Father’s Day gifts

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Father’s Day is quickly approaching, the day where we shower our warm-hearted father’s in gifts and little treats for all that they’ve done for us. The special day falls on June 18th this year, so we’ve grouped together some gift ideas for a little inspiration. Whether your dad’s a techie, classic gentleman, bespoke fashion enthusiast, foodie or gym buff, we’ve included something for everyone…

The gift of a sleek shave
It’s about time to inject some excitement into the mundane routine of shaving. Good products will make those mornings in front of the mirror much more satisfying. Men-u’s have though it all and have created the ultimate shaving kit complete with shave crème, facial wash, skin rejuvenating gel and facial moisturiser. The routine takes a revolutionary leap towards achieving optimum skin, making him look sharp 24/7. A stylish travel bag comes is included, perfect for those weekend get-a-ways or business trips.

bespoke fashion
Ultimate Skin / Shave Kit
£44.95 >

Bottoms up
There’s no better way of honouring your father than by raising a glass to their love, guidance and wisdom for all those years. If your dad is a bit of a whisky enthusiast, then be sure to bring the best. Aberlour continues to be Scottish’s renowned luxury whisky, bursting with delicious rich flavours derived from the sherry-infused oak. What makes Aberlour so remarkable is that it really does pack a punch! The transition from the sherry-infused oak, creamy smooth finish creates a super-delicious dream that your dad is guaranteed to love.

bespoke fashion

A’bunadh Single Malt Whisky
£49.99 >

Be organised in style 
Wallets are timeless Father’s Day gifts, known for winning the hearts of fathers all over the world.  If you’ve noticed his getting scruffier by the day, then treat him to one of Ted Baker’s gorgeous wallets.  Crafted from luxurious leather, this dapper accessory has you covered in both style and practicality.

bespoke fashion  Ted Baker
Leather tri-fold wallet
£50 > 

Calling all sweet tooths 
If your Dad’s got a bit of a sweet-tooth but doesn’t want to pack on the pounds, go for something a little more refined.  Montezuma’s dark chocolate is the perfect gift for any chocolate lover, allowing your father to return to his childhood with beloved chocolate buttons.  No one can pass up chocolate buttons.
bespoke fashion

Chocolate Giant Buttons
£22.50 >

Fashionable fitness
A Fitbit for Father’s Day. Has a good ring to it, doesn’t it?  For the more active Dad, and not too sure what workout apparel he goes for or his shoe size, a Fitbit is one size fits-all.  So whether he’s a keen endurance runner or is hoping to shed some pounds, give him that extra inspiration to reach the finish line.

best giftsFitbit
Charge 2 (Heart Rate)
£139.95 >

Socks with style 
Perfect gift for all those cheeky monkeys out there!  Make sure he keeps his sock game strong with some unique patterned socks.  Also available in burgundy and black, these funny socks are sure to bring a smile to Dad’s face.

bespoke fashion
Paul Smith
Men’s Green Monkey Motif Socks
£17 >

A timeless timepiece
Watches just don’t tell the time, they show a respect for it.  For those super-busy Dads, always sticking religiously to a schedule, then a watch is a definite.  Watches can tie up an outfit perfectly, so combining function with bespoke fashion, be sure to get one that says a statement.  Perfect for business and formal occasions, the deep navy is guaranteed to add classiness to any attire. bespoke fashion

Simon Carter
WT2502 Deep Navy Dial Watch
£175  >

A Noteworthy gift
The rise of digital note-taking and Siri may be around us but it can never replace the satisfaction of filling up a good old notebook.  It’s always handy to have a place to jot down thoughts or pen memos and what a better gift than a bespoke notebook?  A Rollo notebook adds style to your schedule.  If you’re feeling generous, it’s possible to emboss the notebook to give it that extra unique flair.

bespoke fashionLarkin in Royal Blue A5
Rollo London
£18 >

Cutting edge design
Now there needs to be no faff about mixing up chopping boards, particularly for those hygiene-conscious.  For the foodie Dad, this will be a dream.  Each chopping board is colour-coded, alike an index file, so veggies needn’t worry about any meaty juices.  Organised in a stylish way, Joseph Joseph have made cooking even more exciting.  Easy to clean and knife friendly, this is the perfect gift for any Dad who loves to cook up a feast for the fam.

bespoke fashionJoseph Joseph
Chopping board set with steel case
£70 >

For the Picnicking Prince
Rather than popping to the Pub or booking a meal out, embrace the beautiful weather and take the party outdoors.  Brimming with booze, cheese and tidbits, equip yourselves with a hamper basket for the ultimate picnic-ing experience.  With such a variety of nibbles to choose from, everyone is covered.  If your Dad is a keen foodie then be sure to flick through the exclusive Cook Book.

bespoke fashionFortnum & Mason
The Cook Book Hamper
£350 >

For more Father’s Day gift inspirations, browse our shop collection – guaranteed to put a smile on his face

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