The A-Z of elite dating

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For high-achieving ultra high net-worth individuals, enlisting the services of a luxury matchmaking company is becoming an increasingly popular way to find the right partner. In the first of a weekly column, Susie Ambrose from Seventy Thirty shares her A-Z of elite dating, from the power of attraction to a zest for life…. 

A is for attraction

Attraction forms an important part of a relationship, but we all find different things attractive. What defines attraction is down to more than just a pretty face, despite us usually considering physical appearance first when deciding whether or not someone is attractive. The physical elements of attraction are only a small part of one’s overall attractiveness.  Much of a man’s attractiveness comes from his charisma, confidence, aura of power/success, charm, manners, the way he holds himself and the way he walks and talks. Much of a woman’s attractiveness comes from her femininity, emotional intelligence, positive attitude and her warmth. We all differ in terms of what we may find attractive and often what we look for physically is a clue to the qualities we seek in a potential partner.  Factors such as proximity, similarity and familiarity are also important also play a crucial part in making someone attractive.

In terms of proximity, we tend to like people who we see every day, so we may start to notice someone who works in our building or sits in the same carriage on the Tube each morning. Similarity is another important element because we tend to be more attracted to people who we are similar to; this may be in terms of occupation, personality, background, intelligence, values and lifestyle. For a relationship to last, it is key for a couple to have a similar outlook on life and both may need to make compromises where life goals are concerned. A few good examples here are having/ not having children, working full time/ not working, saving/ not saving and so on.  We find ourselves most attracted to people who lead well-rounded and fulfilling lives instead of people who put life ‘on hold’ until they find a partner.

 The physical elements of attraction are only a small part of one’s overall attractiveness 

When looking for a long-term partner, both men and women look for traits that will help form a compatible and cooperative relationship. It is vital to approach dating from a place of confidence and security is vital if you want to enhance and showcase your attractiveness.

While physical attraction and similar lifestyles help us find someone who is superficially suitable, a common approach to life will keep a relationship going. Real love is based on a combination of friendship and attraction and with that comes shared backgrounds, value systems and similar moral codes, mutual understanding and shared relationship goals. We are extremely social creatures and we want someone who we can communicate with, someone who will support us, who we can laugh with and ultimately someone to share our lives with.

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