The A-Z of elite dating: M is for money

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One of the major indicators of success in modern society is money, and Western culture often places an inordinate emphasis on the power of money and material wealth

Modern society emphasises the importance of wealth and often creates an illusion that all one needs to be happy in life is money. Money is a big issue in every aspect of our lives, not just within relationships. We need money to feed, clothe, express, enjoy, develop and challenge ourselves; it has an overwhelming impact on our self-esteem, self-confidence, self-belief and feelings of self-worth.

A major problem can be comparing oneself with one’s peers and being left feeling inadequate and unsuccessful, concluding that money is all that is needed in order to feel fulfilled, happy and content — gold-diggers fall into this category. They tend to focus on temporary but tangible rewards, and this alleviates their feelings of dissatisfaction and emptiness in the same way that alcohol or drugs do for others. But the effects wear off which can leave a hole that still needs to be filled, and so the cycle continues. But surely those who partner with gold-diggers have a role to play in encouraging (even subconsciously) this negative and destructive behaviour?

A superficial partnership means neither party will be truly fulfilled and that is the real hallmark of a genuine loving relationship

If someone is unfulfilled in one aspect of their life yet successful in other areas, they may use the area in which they are successful to fill those gaps — they may unconsciously use their plentiful resource (in this case money) to balance the situation. Buying the illusion of attention, companionship and admiration in the short term may work well, but it’s highly unlikely to yield any long-term gain for either party.

A relationship created from a mutual need will only encourage a lack of trust between partners and heighten insecurities which can lead to power struggles, controlling behaviour, increased likelihood of affairs and loneliness. A superficial partnership means neither party will be truly fulfilled and that is the real hallmark of a genuine loving relationship. When two people are honest, open and trust one another, any insecurities about money, success or power are dispelled and these couples can enjoy a very secure, content fulfilling life.

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