The Bespoke ‘Princess Collection’ by Lady V. Couture

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Every little child this week will be out pumpkin picking and choosing suitably horrifying costumes as we approach Halloween, and every child will have a vintage book with the heartwarming story of Cinderella; A young girl, who’s kind heart is unnoticed by her cruel step-mother, and yet, out of obscurity this young girl attends a dazzling Royal ball and is swept off her feet by a Prince.

Lady Jacqueline Von Rutenberg launched her new collection at a star-studded at The Ritz hotel this month. Lady V. Couture, and introduces bespoke haute couture ‘Princess Collection’ and her story is of magical pumpkin-turned carriages and Cinderella worthy dresses that even the least girly-girl can appreciate.

Inspired by her daughter, Lady Jacqueline Von Rutenberg launched her new venture into the world of luxury children’s wear with the ultimate goal; to ensure all little girls have the opportunity to feel like a princess. The Lady V. Couture Collection offers handmade gowns for girls aged 3 to 12 years old.

Mummy, oh mummy, look at those beautiful horses and that carriage. She’s dressed like a princess isn’t she, so sparkly, so lovely. Do you think she is a real princess? I wish I was a princess, even if it could be for just a little while.

Some time ago, on a glorious summer’s day, my three-year-old daughter and I were walking through the streets of the town where we lived in Brazil, when the clip-clopping noise of hooves clattering down the street made us turn. A majestic horse and carriage rolled to a stop opposite us, and from it stepped down a little girl, who couldn’t have been more than five, in a shimmering dress fit for a princess. The scene was every bit the fairy tale that it sounds like as I write about it now, but the sight of that little girl left just as much of an impression on me that day as it did my daughter and what mother wouldn’t want for their daughter’s wish to be a princess to come true.



That was the moment Lady V Couture came into being.

I set out to create a children’s clothing brand that focused on combining fairy tale with couture, quality with style, and craftsmanship with care, a touch of magic in an all too practical world where children grow up far too fast and should be encouraged to imagine, to aspire, and to dream just that little bit more.
Lady Jacqueline Von Rutenberg

Today Lady V Couture works with some of London’s best designers and seamstresses to create the finest gowns for little princesses-in-waiting from across the globe. A family-run business with a talented professional team, these shimmering dramatic dresses are entirely handmade in London from the finest materials and with the greatest of skill and artistry. The Lady V Couture range consists of fourteen handcrafted couture gowns, each unique with their own story, each taking at least six seamstresses over two months to create in our London studio, and each with the capacity to make any little girl feel like the princess they truly are, no matter the occasion.

The luxury line that we have created perfectly showcases the spirit of Lady V. Couture. My design inspiration is drawn from the couture collections of fashion houses such as Christian Dior, Chanel, and Valentino. The collection is made exclusively in London, with high quality fabrics that are luxurious and safe for all children.
Lady Jacqueline Von Rutenberg

The collection will be available to order online at followed by boutiques opening in London and New York in 2018.

(Photo credit: Lady V Couture)


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