The best bar in the world

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Where does the discerning cocktail drinker head for the ultimate martini? Well, if 330 industry experts are anything to go by, it's Artesian at The Langham, which has just been voted the Best Bar in the World for the third year running in a poll for Drinks International magazine. Artesian pipped two other London bars to the top spot – Nightjar, which came third, and American Bar at the Savoy Hotel, which ranked in eighth place.

For sheer Heston Blumenthal-style inventiveness order the enticingly named ‘Vodkatini Waiting To Become A Manhattan’, which energises Ketel One Vodka with gemstones using Supersonic technology, or the curiously named Selfie Compatible (pictured below), which uses the pioneering ‘Le Whaf’ device to vaporise the cocktail containing Ron Zacapa 23, Floc De Gasςogne, Verjus, beer and bitters. Or how about a Digidiva, a cocktail made in 3D which changes flavour as you drink it.

Selfie Compatible cocktail at Artesian, Langham Hotel
Selfie Compatible cocktail at Artesian, Langham Hotel

To celebrate the success of the award-winning team, which is led by head bartender Alex Kratena and his assistant, Simone Caporale, here are three Langham cocktails that you can make in the comfort of your home (although we suspect it's only a matter of time before you'll be wanting to sample the real thing for yourself).

The Langham Colada

25 ml Bacardi

25 ml Koko Kanu rum

30 ml pineapple purée

80 ml coconut water

15 ml lime

20 ml sugar syrup

Combine ingredients and blend with ice.

Tom Collins

50ml gin

1 lemon

25ml elderflower liquer

caster sugar

soda water

Pour gin and elderflower liqueur in a highball glass, add a teaspoon of sugar and squeeze half of a lemon into the glass. Stir to dissolve the sugar and top with ice. Add soda water to top up the glass, gently stir and garnish with the peel of a lemon.

Michelada beer cocktail

Mexican beer

25ml tequila

fresh herbs

salt and pepper

1 lime

flakes of salt

Tabasco sauce

Worcester sauce

Rub the rim of a beer glass with half of a lime, then rub the glass in a bowl with flakes of salt and your favourite herbs. Squeeze quarter of a lime in the beer glass and add dashes of Tabasco and Worcester sauce. Pour tequila and add a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper.