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The lure of traditional British education and top independent schools is well-known. The uniform, boarding houses and grand architecture are just a few of the conventions that come to mind. But with so many decisions to make, how can you possibly sift through all that’s available? With help from Tatler’s School Awards and exhibitions from their partner, the Independent Schools Show, Beyond Bespoke has comprised a small selection of schools and private tutors in order to inspire, guide and advise both parents and children. We hope to show you just some of the educational opportunities out there, giving you an idea of what can be the very best for your child.

Fettes College
A private coeducational day and boarding school, Fettes College is located in Edinburgh with over two-thirds of its pupils residing on campus. Rather than the Scottish education system, it follows the English routine instead. The school has numerous facilities within their expansive campus, such as grass-pitches, an astroturf, a competitive-sized swimming pool and a shooting range. This clearly demonstrates Fettes College’s keen interest in sports, of which they have a wide variety. Hockey, badminton, netball and fencing are just a few examples of those available to pupils, and all will have the opportunity to take part in a competitive team.

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Radley College
Radley College is one out of the five only boys and only boarding senior schools in UK, the others being Winchester College, Harrow School, Sherborne School and Eton College. This private boys’ boarding school is located in Oxfordshire, situated within 800 acres of vast parklands. These grounds include a lake and farmlands, as well as playing fields and a golf course which contribute to the school’s wide range of sporting opportunities, such as rugby, rowing and cricket. Radley College’s campus ensures a real sense of community between both the boys and staff and despite its rural, tranquil landscape, the school also has easy access to the University town of Oxford.

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Canford School
Situated in Dorset within 300 acres of impressive parkland, Canford is an independent coeducational school consisting of both day and boarding pupils. It was voted “Public School of the Year” in 2014 and is consistently rated as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted. Dominating school life and even open to the public (due to its excellent facilities) is Canford’s sports centre and Layard Theatre. Along with their clear avid focus on physical education and drama, Canford also boasts one of the largest music schools in the country as well as an extensive library.

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School is a stress-inducing time for all, parents and children alike, and not just during the dreaded exam season. Private tuition is something that many simply do not consider, however it is the perfect opportunity for students to truly excel. These names offer education advice and tuition to students of all ages and academic levels. What’s not to benefit from a little extra and invaluable help?

Enjoy Education
The proof is in the pudding. Enjoy Education’s clear philosophy is in their name and their willingness to achieve this is not only why 98% of customers would recommend them, but also why 80% of pupils earn a place in their choice school. Enjoy Education has been offering one-to-one tuition for all ages for over ten years, as well as home schooling, travelling tutors and academic assessments. It’s all with an aim to develop the student’s mind and confidence. Each programme is tailored to suit the individual, supporting them fully into the UK’s leading independent schools whilst advising both the parent and child. With 75% of their tutors having an Oxbridge degree, it’s no wonder Enjoy Education were the 2013 victors of the Education Investor Award.

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Bonas MacFarlane
One of London’s longest established education advice firms and most respected private tuition establishments, Bonas MacFarlane prepares students for their admission into top Universities. This can span from Oxbridge all the way to leading US Ivy League institutions and they work closely with pupils during crucial exam periods and with personal statement advice. Their private tuition focuses on children between the ages of seven all the way up to eighteen and the completion of A-Levels. A relationship between tutor and tutee is key and Bonas MacFarlane gladly helps students at any level, effectively building their confidence and guiding them smoothly through their education.

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Dukes Education
Dukes Education is run by large team of experts and at the lead is John Ing, a former housemaster at Harrow and Stowe Schools with a wide network of close links to independent schools. Their speciality is working with admissions into top institutions, such as Oxbridge, Russell Group Universities, Ivy League Universities and leading schools. This is achieved through private tuition for children as young as nursery all the way up to an undergraduate level. For each child, Dukes Education cultivates a bespoke education programme, understanding the importance of a personal relationship between teacher and student. Their tuition also comes in various, flexible forms from home visits to lectures online. With an impressive 52% success rate into Oxbridge, Dukes Education offers pupils’ a clear pathway to success as well as infallible advice during exam seasons.

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