The best way to master the pre-holiday nap!

Posted on by Abbie Coombes

You've done your packing, the suitcases are in the car, and if you're not the designated driver, the journey to your holiday destination is the perfect time to re-charge and get some shut-eye. Masters of Mayfair have a selection of travel accessories, so you can go out for the count with ease. Whether in the car, on a train, or plane, these travel essentials will ensure maximum comfort for those long and tiring journeys. 

Masters of Mayfair is a brand that really hones in on the finer details. The inspiration behind the creation of their products was a long haul flight on which a prototype of the sleep masks was used; the effectiveness of the product was highlighted when one of the founders slept for the entirety of the journey.

Despite their initial focus on sleep masks, Masters of Mayfair have expanded their range of products to include travel pillows and socks. In doing so, it adds further impetus to the brand's ethos, in that they will totally transform one's travel experience. 

Here are our top Masters of Mayfair must-haves, to ensure that you master those pre-holiday power naps.

The Sleep Mask

Sometimes we just need to block out our surroundings and hit the pillow; a sleep mask can help you to do just that. However, what distinguishes Masters of Mayfair's Sleep Masks from the rest, is perhaps, their use of the finest natural materials to ensure minimal irritation on the wearer's skin. As well as this, the masks are lightly scented with the soothing fragrance of lavender, providing instant relaxation. This, alongside the mask's soft silk backing, make these the perfect sleeping aid when counting those sheep. 

They come in a variety of colours from Piccadilly Pink, to Aqua Blue...


Each of the sleep masks come neatly packaged in a box, inside a handbag sized draw string bag. 

Shop the various colours today. 

2. The Luxury Travel Neck Pillow 

Travel pillows are a great way of supporting your neck and giving you that extra bit of comfort on those restrictive car, plane, or train seats. 

The Masters of Mayfair Luxury Travel Neck Pillow has been designed to maximise comfort during sleep with it's simple, fully adjustable air valve. Once inflated, you can adjust it to the size and pressure that is most suitable for you. 


The natural fabrics provide a super soft feel that minimises heat and sweat on the skin. The removable machine washable cover is ideal for travel and makes it extremely hygienic. 

Get ready to take on the sun, tourist sites, and fantastic cuisine wherever your travels may take you, feeling refreshed and revitalised with these must-have travel accessories from Masters of Mayfair.

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Written by Abbie Coombes