Fortnum & Mason Harvest

Posted on by Lizzie Watson

I love autumn. I love the cooler days and the bright skies; the way the colours change and mellow in readiness for the winter frosts as the earth is stilling and slowing, and layers - lovely layers of cotton and cashmere. Our food celebrations move inside to the red-orange haze of our roaring firesides and the bountiful feasts on our tables. 

Settling in and making yourself at home is at the heart of Fortnum & Mason's harvest spectacular. They know this time of year is about the sort of foods we are all looking forward to as we prepare our home and garden for a new season and treat ourselves to all the scrumptious foods and delights that our summer diet simply didn't allow.

Be inspired by hampers filled to the brim with chutneys and preserves and the ready to go foods that make the most perfect addition to your autumnal pantry.

luxury British

luxury British
Fortnum’s Fig & Fennel Chutney, 250g
£5.50 >
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Apple, Cherry & Liquorice Preserve, 210g
£6.25 >

If you need an oven-ready centrepiece, then this Whole Beef Wellington makes a superb supper for 6. Fortnum & Mason's exemplary beef comes from slow-grown cows who have led a free life on a natural diet of grass and hay. The Chateaubriand is the thickest, centre portion of a tenderloin, roasted to tender perfection then wrapped in mushroom duxelles and a layer of crispy puff pastry. 

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Whole Beef Wellington, Oven Ready
£75 >

The Fortnum's coffee selection is second to none. Coffee-lovers will be delighted by Fortnum's newly refreshed range of coffee - now in elegant new tins.

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Panama Hacienda Esmeralda Coffee Beans
£50 >

Fortnum's will be celebrating their resident bee's famous produce at a charity auction this month, but if one jar isn't enough then this Honey Hamper is a wonderful collection of honey (in a variety of ways) from the UK's finest bee's. 

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The Honey Hamper
£200 >

No autumnal evening would be complete without a hamper filled with a selection of whites upon reds upon Champagne. This wicker will not only please but surprise the palate; it's sure to have people raising their glasses and will undoubtedly impress even the most devoted wine-lover.

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The Connoisseur Hamper
£400 > 

If you've got a list of Fortnum Favourites, then why not create your own hamper

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And if you're as excited as we are about Halloween, then Fortnum's have a fabulous selection of ghoulish delights to sink your teeth into...

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