The great British beach barbecue

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Don’t look now but summer might just have arrived. Time to head for the beach, fire up the barbecue and sizzle a sausage or two. Here’s what you need for your feast by the coast…

beach barbecue

1. Graham & Green barbecue five piece tool set, £29.95. Buy now

2. Fortnum & Mason barbecue bucket, £40. Buy now

3. The Conran Shop Cabana cookbook, £20. Buy now

4. Houseology garden trading rock barbecue, £45. Buy now

5. Fortnum & Mason champagne popsicles, box of ten £65. Buy now

6. Fortnum & Mason The Great barbecue Picnic, £100. Buy now

7. John Lewis portable suitcase barbecue, £55. Buy now

8. Graham & Green beach bat set, £29.95. Buy now

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